Chapter 104.2: Shameless


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Tang Doudou couldn’t bear to bicker with him anymore since he looked so weak. Thus, she carefully helped Baili Yu up until he was half reclining on the soft couch. Then, her line of sight landed on that pile of wine jars and bloody garments. She hastily found a place to hide them before sitting back down next to Baili Yu.

“Say, why is that person still not here?” asked Tang Doudou. They had waited for quite a while but nothing had happened.

Her words had just fallen when Baili Yu hooked his lips. “He’s here.”

Tang Doudou hastily sat up straight and tried to look as natural as possible. Natural… She was terrified of the person that was coming. It was not only become of that unimaginable scene she had seen while they were leaving, but also because of the injury on Baili Yu’s back.

Baili Yu seemed to have sensed her nervousness as he reached out and took her hand. Gently squeezing her palm, he said, “Don’t be scared, I’m here.”

Tang Doudou wanted to ask something but she saw him open his eyes and look towards the carriage entrance with a languid expression. Soon afterward, he said, “The wind outside is cold, why not come in to talk?”

Tang Doudou looked nervously at that pair of feet visible below the curtain. Her palms were already clammy. The opponent was someone that could kill without even blinking. If Baili Yu couldn’t succeed in intimidating him, they will be done for. After all, there was nowhere for them to duck in this narrow carriage!

Baili Yu had let go of her hand when that pair of feet appeared outside the curtain. They quietly waited for the person outside the carriage to enter.That pair of feet stood outside for a long time. When Tang Doudou had almost reached the end of her patience, the carriage curtain suddenly lifted and an extremely intimidating figure appeared inside the carriage.

Tang Doudou’s heartbeat abruptly sped up. However, when she got a clear look at the person in front of them, she instantly shot to her feet. In disbelief, she stammered, “Y-you? How could it be you!?”

The person that had come was wearing a jet-black robe which had a hood that covered his head. He wore an odd silver mask on his face which exposed only two deep-beyond-measure pupils and lips that were hooked in a nefarious smile. He was holding a lamp in his hand that was emitting a faint blue light. The light resembled those ghost fires in the night, it continuously leapt and swayed.

It was Lou Qingyun, the bastard that caused her to almost perish in the sea of flames!Although he was wearing a mask, Tang Doudou had been able to recognize him in one glance due to his smile. The man in black in front of them was the fake Lou Qingyun that was selling lamps that day!T/N

Afterwards, her gaze landed on that lamp. Wasn’t that the lamp she had been yearning day and night for?

“Ah, Alliance Head Li, we meet again.”

“Who exactly are you!?”

“That’s right, I forgot to introduce myself.” The man in black chuckled softly before bowing towards Tang Doudou. “This one is Feng Yunhuan, the Right Protector of God Firmament Hall. Pleasure to meet you. In the future, I’ll have to ask Alliance Head Li to please take care of me*!”

”Please take care of me” is more like ‘give me advice/pointers’. It’s just something someone would say politely to someone older or more experienced like ‘I’m in your care’ except you’re not necessarily really ‘in their care’. I don’t think Feng Yunhuan’s part of the Alliance Head Residence. It’d be such a twist if he was.

“Pei! Who cares if you’re feng(wind) or yun(cloud)!? What exactly are you planning? God Firmament Hall? What the heck is that? Why haven’t I ever heard of it!?” Tang Doudou wasn’t that scared anymore since he still counted as someone she knew. When she recalled how he almost killed her after she had so kindheartedly helped him, she felt a burst of anger rush to her head.

Feng Yunhuan didn’t seem to care about Tang Doudou’s angry outburst. He straightened up from his bow and shifted his line of sight to Baili Yu’s face.

It’s unknown what method Baili Yu had utilized but his facial color had changed back to normal. He looked as if he hadn’t gotten injured at all and his eyes contained his old imposingness. When Feng Yunhuan looked towards him, he met Feng Yunhuan’s gaze and soon crushed the latter’s imposing aura with his own.Apprehension also arose in Feng Yunhuan’s heart when he saw Baili Yu’s seemingly normal appearance. It must be known that he had not seen Baili Yu get injured with his own eyes. He had only heard his subordinates say that Baili Yu’s back was bloody when he escaped the Absolute Death Array and that it looked like a serious injury. In addition, due to the fact that Baili Yu had tried to escape desperately, he had felt more certain that Baili Yu had gotten heavily wounded. That was why he hastily rushed over in hopes of being able to personally kill Baili Yu and take credit for it.

However, Feng Yunhuan didn’t dare to make a careless move in this current situation. He felt that it was possible Baili Yu had faked a heavy injury in order to lure him out. If that was really the case, he was the one in danger. It must be known that his martial arts really weren’t that good, he wouldn’t even be able to beat Ye Chuan.

“Baili gongzi should know God Firmament Hall well, no?”

It didn’t matter if his guess was right. In any case, he’ll refrain from making a move before the opponent does and observe the situation for now.

Baili Yu saw that though Feng Yunhuan’s expression had not changed, a lot of hesitation had appeared in his eyes. This person’s excessive suspicions disorder is really severe. After Baili Yu silently labeled Feng Yunhuan with a tag, he shook his head and said, “God Firmament Hall? Never heard of it.”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Yours Truly

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T/N - Hmmm, so according to Tang Doudou, it was a fake Lou Qingyun selling the lamps. So from the start, Tang Doudou had never met the real Lou Qingyun...

And now this is beyond known territory for me. Hopefully the rest of the story will continue to be interesting~ I don’t want TDD to fall in love yet either lol. Torture Baili Yu for another hundred chapters! *crossing my fingers*


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