Chapter 104.1: Shameless


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The carriage only slowed after half the day had passed. Ye Chuan turned around to make sure no one had caught up to them before lifting the curtain to speak to Tang Doudou who was dazing out next to Baili Yu. “They won't be catching up with us for the time being. I'm going to see if there's anywhere we can rest. Look after Master well.”

At the end, he added in warning, “Don't you dare try any tricks, or else…”

“Just go, I'll look after him properly,” replied Tang Doudou. She lifted her eyes, but they were dull and lifeless.

Ye Chuan couldn't bring himself to say any more harsh words upon seeing her like this. Not to mention, he had no choice but to trust her since someone had to look after Master while he went to send for help.

Thinking thus far, he released the curtain and jumped off the carriage before proceeding to climb the cliff in front of them. Ye Chuan had driven the carriage into a small fork in the road because he was worried their pursuers would have followed them on the main road. So right now, not only did he need to find help, he also needed to figure out their location.

“Big evil spirit, hurry and wake up!” Tang Doudou softly stroked Baili Yu’s face. Her emotions were currently a mess. She herself didn’t know why she was so sad and upset, much less why she was so scared, scared that Baili Yu would never wake up again.

Su Yi had said that she needed to guard her heart, but will she be able to guard it?

She traced his stunning features again and again before she retrieved her hand and pressed it over her heart. Feeling that strong and vigorous heartbeat, her lips hooked in a wry smile. It’s fortunate, her heart is still here…

Ye Chuan climbed up the cliff and looked into the distance. After he got a rough grasp of their current location, he released an SOS signal. Then, he prepared to jump down the cliff and get the carriage to the village not far ahead in order to see if they could stay a night there.

He had just turned when he caught sight of some movements out of the corners of his eyes.

Ye Chuan’s facial color abruptly went through a huge change. He wanted to shout in order to warn Tang Doudou, but he was worried about inadvertently alerting the enemy. Thus, he simply slid back down the side of the cliff.

It was much faster to descend the cliff than it had been to ascend it. In just a couple moments, he had reached the thicket at the base of the cliff. However, this place was still some distance away from the carriage. Those people had outflanked the carriage by coming through the path the carriage had taken. Ye Chuan just couldn’t figure out how they had managed to catch up so fast. He hadn’t sensed even a hint of them earlier!

Ye Chuan was inwardly very anxious. Tang Doudou was the only one inside the carriage. Whether she could even protect herself with that bit of strange martial arts was a big question. What should he do in order to safely get Master out of the carriage?

While Ye Chuan was fretting outside, Tang Doudou was sitting inside the carriage. She had also sensed the strangeness of the surroundings because the scent of blood in the air was seriously too thick; it was thick to the point it caused people to feel nauseous.

Earlier, she thought the scent was because of the bloody garments inside the carriage. However, the smell of blood had increased when the wind blew open the curtain. Only then did Tang Doudou realize that something wasn’t right.

Tang Doudou’s heart abruptly clenched when she recalled the mass of black she saw when they were leaving Azure Water Valley. They had caught up with them!

What to do!?

Tang Doudou paced back and forth in the carriage. Suddenly, she fixed her gaze on Baili Yu. With her current qinggong, she can definitely escape if she didn’t try to bring him along.

Immediately, she slapped herself a couple times. No matter how heartless she was, she couldn’t treat the person that had saved her life multiple times like this!

But what should she do now!?

Ye Chuan hasn’t returned either!

Tang Doudou didn’t dare to lift the curtain to look at the situation outside. She only felt that the surroundings were very quiet, quiet to the point she could hear her own heartbeat.


Yet at this moment, when Tang Doudou’s entire body was so tense it was like a taut string, Baili Yu suddenly opened his eyes and called her. His voice sounded like the music of heaven to Tang Doudou right now. Her heart immediately dropped back to where it was supposed to be and she ran over to ask, “Baili Yu, how do you feel?”

“Still alright.”

“That’s good.” Tang Doudou loosened a breath in relief upon seeing that his pallor was not as bad as before. She moved towards his ear and whispered, “We seem to have been surrounded. Ye Chuan hasn’t come back either.”

“En, I know.”

He knows? Tang Doudou stared at Baili Yu’s half-closed eyes doubtfully, then scratched her ear. “What do we do now? I can’t bring you out of here.”

Baili Yu chuckled softly and reassured her, “Wife, don’t worry. As long as this husband is here, nothing bad will happen.”

Baili Yu was who he was; despite things having gotten to this point, he was still able to laugh.

However, he had woken up. Although he didn’t say much, plus his voice was weak and his face was pale as paper, Tang Doudou, for some inexplicable reason, still felt relieved. Tang Doudou didn’t want to show this emotion though, so she turned away and curled her lips. “You’re already like this, so who are you still trying to fool?”

Baili Yu simply smiled a little before closing his eyes again. He didn’t seem to be worried about the danger outside at all.

There was no way for Tang Doudou to be as calm as him in this situation. She kept moving here and there as if she was sitting on pins and needles. From time to time, she would reach over to touch Baili Yu’s forehead to check whether if he still had a fever.

Perhaps it was because his constitution was good or perhaps it was because the effects of his medicine were good, in any case, his fever had long receded. With that, Baili Yu also seemed much more alert.

He rested for a while with his eyes closed before opening his eyes again. He said to Tang Doudou, “Help me up.”

“No way! All your wounds are on your back. When I was cleaning them, I saw that several of the wounds even reached the bones. If you sit up, even if it’s gently, it’ll still tear at the wounds. There’s no more wine or medicine left to rebandage them either.” Tang Doudou immediately rejected his request.

“Is Wife worrying about this husband?”

“Quit wasting words. I’m simply stating the truth. It’s up to you whether or not you want to believe.”

“I believe, how could I not believe? You’re my wife after all!”

“Shut up!”


Now that he woke up, he was calling her that way incessantly again. Tang Doudou covered her ears as she glared fiercely at Baili Yu. “Trust me when I say that I’ll kick you off the carriage if you keep messing around.”

“Alright, I won’t mess around anymore.” Baili Yu closed his eyes for a while again. “You had better hurry and help me up. Otherwise, when that person comes in and sees me like this, he’ll probably laugh to the point his teeth fall out.”

“That person? Who? One of the pursuers that are trying to kill you?” Tang Doudou looked at Baili Yu curiously. He had been unconscious this entire time so how did he know that there were people outside? Not to mention, from the looks of it, he even knows the identity of the people that had come. This was way too strange.

“You’ll know in a moment.”


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