Chapter 103.1: Baili Yu is injured


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Eh? Looks like he had really underestimated her too much. She actually came to realize it this quickly.

Su Yi smoothed the loose hair that had fallen over his forehead. “So you’re not stupid to the point you can’t be saved. Yes, I called Cang Baicao to help you cure your poison.”

Wat’s dat?

Tang Doudou was dumbfounded. That old beggar was the godly doctor Cang Baicao?

What kind of international joke is this?

After Tang Doudou gave a couple laughs, she glanced at Su Yi. Confusion suddenly arose in her heart. A person who can order Cang Baicao around, who was also good friends with Li Xueyi, whose martial arts was not bad, and whose appearance was first-class…

Who exactly was he?

It wasn’t that Tang Doudou didn’t consider the idea of him being the Lord of Cloud City, but that when she saw Su Yi’s sloppy manner, she immediately slapped this conjecture flying past the highest clouds.

Although she had never seen the rumored Lord of Cloud City before, as the superior of the martial arts Alliance Head, no matter what he should be a solemn and impressive person. Not to mention, he possesses so much power in the Jianghu, so at the very least he should be half a century old.

Su Yi who was in front of her looked young, at most he’s probably only twenty. There was no way he could be the Lord of Cloud City. However, he was probably also someone from Cloud City.

“If it’s to cure the poison, why didn’t you just explain it properly? Why’d you have to bring me into that little bamboo forest and string me so high up too? It’s impossible for people not to get the wrong idea ah!” Tang Doudou grumbled. “Let’s go, I’ll take you to the needles.”

“Forget it. Since the needles are in the bamboo forest, he has probably already picked them up.” Su Yi waved his hand. Suddenly, his expression changed and he knitted his brows as he looked into the distance.

His expression was a bit strange so Tang Doudou followed his line of sight and looked over as well. However, she didn’t see anything.

“What are you looking at?”

“Baili Yu is coming out. I’ll leave first. I’ll come look for you again in the future. Remember not to tell Baili Yu about Old Cang giving you acupuncture!”

Why couldn’t she say it? Tang Doudou wanted Su Yi to clear things up but he moved closer to her in a mysterious manner and warned quietly, “Baili Yu isn’t anything good, don’t be foolish and get captivated by him. Don’t blame me for not warning you. You must, at all costs, guard this tightly, otherwise, you’re on your own to face the consequences!”Tang Doudou lowered her head and looked at the place he pointed at. It was precisely where her heart was located. She hastily covered it and asked, “What do you mean?”

“You’re not a fool, you understand what I mean.” Su Yi retrieved his hand and turned around with ease. “Such green the Son’s collar, lasting for ages in my heart*...”

Originally, it came from a song in which a lady was longing for her lover. It’s also used now for someone who is longing to gain scholarly knowledge. Son, is addressing the person deferentially. Collar refers to ancient style collars. Green collar refers to the outfits scholars wore in the Zhou dynasty. This is used to point to someone with scholarly knowledge. Lasting for ages describes the fact that the longing is incessant.

Tang Doudou slowly lowered her hand as she watched him leave. Suddenly, she recalled something and yelled towards Su Yi, “Who are you?”

Su Yi stopped, then turned back slightly. “I’m Su Yi.”

Waste of words! Tang Doudou rolled her eyes. Just as she was going to ask again, she noticed that Su Yi was already gone from her sights.

She hastily ran over and looked all around. There was nothing but flowers in front of her. Where was there a trace of Su Yi?

Where’d the person go?

Did he leave?

Isn’t this speed a little too fast? He left in literally a blink of an eye. Upon recalling that she had planned to run if she couldn’t beat him, she broke out in cold sweat. Meow ah! Luckily Su Yi didn’t become hostile. Otherwise, she, this little Beanbeans, would already have been beaten to death.

Who exactly was Su Yi?

Tang Doudou returned to the carriage, utterly confused as she puzzled over what he said about guarding her heart.

She was on the carriage for about ten minutes before Ye Chuan’s voice came from outside the door. “There’s someone on the carriage!”

Following that, Baili Yu spoke in an extremely weak-sounding voice. “Help me up first.”

Tang Doudou’s puzzlement immediately flew away upon hearing this weak voice. The only thought running through her mind was that Baili Yu had gotten injured.

She quickly bore out of the carriage and jumped down. Afterwards, she saw the completely pale Baili Yu who looked weak and ill and her heart clenched. Striding over to help support him, she said, “Big evil spirit, you’re…”

“I’m fine.” Baili Yu hooked the corners of his lips. “This husband hadn’t been expecting Wife to wait on the carriage for me. This husband is so touched.”

When Ye Chuan saw Tang Doudou, he immediately pushed her aside and regarded her with a frown. “No need to fake concern. My family’s Master doesn’t need your pity!”

Tang Doudou looked at Baili Yu’s smile which seemed to contain some things she couldn’t understand. Then, she looked at Ye Chuan’s infuriated expression. Immediately, numerous questions emerged in Tang Doudou’s heart.

“What exactly happened? Can’t you guys explain!?”

If she still couldn’t guess that something had happened after seeing this, she might as well just use her head as a soccer ball.

Ye Chuan gave a cold humph. Just as he was about to speak, Baili Yu stopped him with a look. “It’s nothing. Let’s get on the carriage first.”

This was already the second time he said to get on the carriage first. It could be seen that the situation really was urgent. Otherwise, with how leisurely he usually did things, there was no way he would urge them like this.

Ye Chuan unwillingly stopped talking and headed over to help support Baili Yu. However, Baili Yu waved his hand and had him move away. Then, those magnificent eyes turned towards Tang Doudou. His pupils seemed to contain enormous whirlpools that drew Tang Doudou deep within them. A voice that carried a bit of mirth spilled out from his lips. “Wife, you’re still not helping this husband onto the carriage?”

“Master! She…” An anxious expression appeared on Ye Chuan’s face when he saw that Baili Yu wanted Tang Doudou to help him.


This call filled with fondness jolted Tang Doudou back to her senses. Without asking any further, she walked over and grabbed Baili Yu’s hand, then helped him carefully onto the carriage. When she lowered her eyes, she discovered that Baili Yu’s back was covered with blood. The dark red color condensed on the crimson robe in an extremely frightening sight.

There’s so much blood. How severe is the injury!?

Tang Doudou’s heart trembled and even her hand started trembling. Baili Yu grabbed her hand and comforted her. “It’s nothing, don’t worry. Before I marry you, I won’t die.”T/N


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