Chapter 102.2: Scheming Bitch Su Yi


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Tang Doudou wasn’t stupid. She instantly realized that his inner strength had recovered long ago.

Adding in the incident when he said it was along the way, the truth became even more evident. He only did that in order to hitch a ride in Baili Yu’s carriage.

My lord!

Tang Doudou recalled the inhuman mistreatment Su Yi received on the carriage. He had actually endured silently for an entire half a month. He’s really a - in capital letters - scheming BOY ah! (boy is in capital letters and English from the start. Variant of the term ‘scheming bitch’)

“No way, what if you don’t release me after I let you go?”

“A nobleman’s word is his bond. I’m a grownup man, I won’t lie to you. Hurry and let go. If you don’t let go you’re going to twist off my ears!”

“If it comes off, it’d be just right for frying and eating,” mumbled Tang Doudou. Then she said noisily, “I can’t trust you. Put me on the ground first, then I’ll…”

She hadn’t even finished speaking when her entire body rose into the air. Before she could even cry out, she had been lifted up by Su Yi and her eyes met head on with Su Yi’s raised eyes.

“Hey, Su Yi, what are you trying to do! Calm down, don’t be impetuous! You, your ears are still in my hands!” Faced with Su Yi’s gloomy eyes, Tang Doudou felt terrified that he would do something horrifying.

Su Yi rolled his eyes at her and slowly crouched down. Then, he placed Tang Doudou on the ground.

Tang Doudou didn’t know how he did that. Her hands didn’t leave his ears the entire time. She was so stunned that she didn’t apply force to her grip either so he didn’t feel any pain.

Upon seeing Tang Doudou’s dumbfounded expression, Su Yi lifted his hands and placed them on her arms. Patting them, he reminded, “Isn’t it about time you let go!?”

Only then did Tang Douou return to her senses and hastily let go. Retreating to the side, she stared guardedly at Su Yi.

She secretly gathered up her inner strength. Fortunately she learned qinggong earlier. She can’t beat him, but there’s no way she can’t escape him, right?

Su Yi swept a disdainful glance at her. He was the one who taught her all the martial arts she knew. The moment Tang Doudou moved her inner strength, he knew she was planning to run.

“If you want to die, then just run!” Su Yi didn’t do anything. He just gave a cold laugh and commented.

Tang Doudou thought he was just scaring her so she said, unconcerned, “Who says I’m about to run?”

“Stop acting, it’s all written on your face. Give up on trying to act profound like other people and come over here. I have something to ask you!” Su Yi sat on the ground and rubbed his red ears as he silently cursed. Stinkin’ brat, she sure didn’t go easy!

Da fudge? Were her expressions that obvious?

Tang Doudou rubbed her face. Out of the corners of her eyes, she saw Su Yi rubbing his ears. With a nefarious smile, she walked over.

Su Yi was rather shocked to actually see her come over. Just as he was wondering why she was suddenly being so obedient, he saw her evil expression and immediately put some distance between them.

“Did an old beggar look for you earlier?” It’s still better to just explain things clearly and quickly, so as to avoid being driven crazy by her. Did she really think Baili Yu was sincerely treating her well? Baili Yu was simply using her to obtain his assistance.

Baili Yu, that fox, had a bellyful of evil tricks. Although he was clearly younger, he was even more shrewd than himself who had lived over half his lifetime. Baili Yu managed to factor in everything and obtain so many benefits!

In regards to the incident that occurred in the Prime Minister’s Residence, if Baili Yu didn’t give a prompt, how could Meng Yu possibly have the guts to ask the Alliance Head of the martial arts circles to help in the kitchen?

If it weren’t for the fact that Baili Yu knew Li Xueyi had guts big enough to engulf the skies, would he have sent Li Xueyi to purposefully enrage Xi Qiulin?

He wanted to have a falling out with Xi Qiulin but had misgivings about the promise he made to the guy’s dad. Thus he dragged Li Xueyi along to purposefully provoke Xi Qiulin and have Xi Qiulin take the initiative in becoming hostile. When Xi Qiulin returned to his senses after the matter, his intestines will probably turn green from regret at having fallen out with Baili Yu. This country was probably going to fall into chaos soon.

What the neighboring countries worried about most was this Resplendent Prince, as of now...Alright, these things didn’t have that much to do with him.

“Old beggar?” Tang Doudou narrowed her eyes. “You know him?”

“Not only do I know him, I was the one who told him to go find you. Did he find you or not?” As Su Yi spoke, he suddenly noticed Tang Doudou’s facial color becoming exceptionally scary.

“W-what is it?”

“What is it? You’re asking me?” Tang Doudou gritted her teeth and stood up. Flying over, she sent a kick towards Su Yi. This time, Su Yi was prepared. His body flickered and he dodge.

“Calm down and talk properly. Don’t use force!”

“Talk about dog fart! There’s no way I can calm down and talk anymore!”

F*ck! Just as she said, how was it possible for her to randomly encounter a perverted old man all of a sudden? She won’t mention the fact that he stabbed needles in her entire body but he even hung her up for a night!

“I’m warning you, if you keep shouting at ben zuo, I’ll…”

Su Yi was about to be angered to death by Tang Doudou. Was this still the Li Xueyi he had raised? How come she seemed to have become a completely different person?

He pointed at Tang Doudou, releasing his imposing aura in order to subdue her. However, Tang Doudou was currently very angry as well. Slapping away Su Yi’s hand, she pressed in step by step. “You’ll what!? I’m telling you, Su Yi, if there’s hatred between us, take revenge, if there are grudges between us, have it repaid! It was you that provoked me in the carriage first, beating you up was also Baili Yu’s idea. If you’re so great then find him for revenge ah! What do you mean by calling an old man over to stab this lady full of needles?”

“You encountered him?” Tang Doudou had said a bunch in her chatter but Su Yi only paid attention to this part. He immediately exposed a happy expression and reached out to grab Tang Doudou’s wrist. “He gave you acupuncture?”

“Not only that ah. He even strung this lady up for an entire night! If it weren’t for my resourcefulness, I would have fallen to my death!”

“Quit wasting words. Did he give you acupuncture? Where are the needles?” Su Yi released Tang Doudou’s hand. He couldn’t sense any changes in her pulse and her inner strength had recovered quite a bit. It was just that the poison had not lessened at all. In the contrary, it seemed to have combined even more with her blood.

Tang Doudou only realized that there was something off about this matter when Su Yi asked her for the needles. She glowered as she demanded, “Tell me clearly what exactly is going on first. Then I’ll tell you where the needles are.”

Su Yi looked at her with an ‘are you an idiot’ expression. “Even if you don’t say it, I can guess. You threw all the needles away, didn’t you?”

If it was the past Li Xueyi, she would have guessed the entire story instantly. However, the Li Xueyi in front of him couldn’t figure out what was going on even after ruining her brains from racking it. The Disseminating Tassel Fragrance sure was scary. Not only could it disperse one’s inner strength and cause a person to lose their memories, it can even cause someone’s IQ to drop this much.

Tang Doudou scratched her head in embarrassment. “That time I was pretty angry. In a moment of anger, I pulled all those needles off and threw them onto the ground.”

“Go, bring me to them.” Su Yi didn’t explain much to Tang Doudou. He pulled her and started heading forward.

Tang Doudou didn’t want to return to that bamboo forest at all. Even though she didn’t know why Su Yi would send someone to stab her, it probably wasn’t for the sake of harming her. However, she couldn’t guess what Su Yi’s motive was either. He also seemed really familiar with her. It was probable that he was a very, very close friend of Li Xueyi’s. Perhaps he was even more familiar with Li Xueyi than Xiao Bai.

Whenever these moments occurred, Tang Doudou would feel really grateful to the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance. If it weren’t for the fact that this plaything gave her the excuse of amnesia, how could she deal with these terrifying people?

Disseminating Tassel Fragrance?

Tang Doudou’s eyes lit up as an expression of pleasant surprise appeared on her face. Pulling Su Yi, she asked excitedly, “That old beggar was there to help me cure the poison?”


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