Chapter 101.1: Mu Ye Smiled


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Her white, jade-like skin was tinged with a healthy peach glow. Her fine hair was pulled into a high ponytail, exposing her bright and clean nape. From her neck, his gaze shifted to her smooth earlobes. They were chubby and exceptionally cute. She wasn’t very tall so when he lowered his eyes slightly, he could see her long eyelashes that cast butterfly wing shadows on her cheeks. Below her delicate little nose was soft pink lips…

His Adam’s apple moved. Mu Ye felt that his throat was a bit dry.

“Wow, I really stopped!?” Seeing as Mu Ye didn’t react for a long while, Tang Doudou opened her eyes on her own. In any case, he never said she needed to keep her eyes close. It was fine as long as she kept her inner qi sinking down!

When she opened her eyes, she saw that beneath her the bamboo leaves were rippling like green waves in the slight breeze. It was beautiful to the point it took one’s breath away.

“How pretty!” Her bright eyes started to sparkle even more. She reached out her fingers to touch the wind and giggled from the ticklish feeling. The sound of her laughter drifted very far in the wind.

The sound of cheerful laughter jolted Mu Ye back to his senses and he released her.

Tang Doudou turned around to look at Mu Ye and flicked his shoulder. “Hey, aren’t I smart? I got it so fast!”

Mu Ye didn’t speak.

What a boring person. Tang Doudou shrugged and shifted her weight to her toes to try leaping forward again. After she started revolving her inner qi the way Mu Ye instructed, it was much easier to move than before. She continuously tested it out and her movements became more and more practiced. After she made a couple rounds over the top of the bamboo forest, she was able to move fluently with qinggong.

Tang Doudou returned to Mu Ye’s side once again. Folding her hands behind her back, she winked charmingly at Mu Ye. “Teacher Mu, aren’t you going to praise me?”

Mu Ye glanced at her coldly. “Let’s go.”

“Go where?” asked Tang Doudou.

Mu Ye said, “You don’t want to leave?”

“I do ah…”

Before she even finished speaking, Mu Ye had shot off like an arrow towards the distance.

Tang Doudou curled her lips. What’re you showing off for ah? She can do it too, alright?She smiled cockily and rushed after Mu Ye, flying as lightly as a swallow. Her inner strength was profound to the point even Mu Ye had been injured by its vibration. In addition, she had compared her previous method with Mu Ye’s earlier when she was revolving her qinggong and it was clear that her method was better by a large margin.

Thus, she switched to her own method and her speed instantly increased. In a few moments, she had caught up to Mu Ye who was in front of her.

Mu Ye was also pretty shocked to see that she had caught up. However, he instantly realized that it was due to her original technique. His cold eyes lifted and he rushed out again.

Tang Doudou wasn’t willing to take it lying down and pursued him tightly. The two started racing, one pursuing after the other, above the bamboo trees.

Soon, they reached the edge of the forest. Tang Doudou stopped and waited until her footing was steady before turning to look behind her.

Mu Ye landed next to her, a step slower.

“Heehee, wonder if Teacher Mu has ever heard of this saying, ‘the rear waves of the Yangtze River drive on those before, the previous waves die upon the sandy shores’?” (the newer generations always surpass previous generations) Tang Doudou narrowed her eyes as she fixed her gaze on Mu Ye.


“That’s really a shame!”

Tang Doudou smacked her lips and was about to say something else when Mu Ye spoke again.

“You, not bad.”

Da freak? This iceberg actually praised her!?

Tang Doudou covered her little heart and looked incredulously towards Mu Ye as she muttered, “A-are you still Mu Ye?”

Upon seeing her dim-witted appearance, Mu Ye’s cold eyes thawed like the way flowers bloomed in the spring warmth and revealed a gentle expression. His pressed together lips slightly lifted in the refreshing wind. When his deep gaze swept over, it sized one’s soul like a sea of stars, causing even Tang Doudou’s super thick skin to turn uncontrollably red. Isn’t this iceberg a little ridiculously good-looking when he smiles!?

“How beautiful.”

Tang Doudou sighed emotionally. However, when she tried to look closer, she discovered that the smile seemed almost like an illusion. It wasn’t on Mu Ye’s face at all.Could it be it was really a hallucination?

Tang Doudou wrinkled her nose. That didn’t seem right ah, how could she have hallucinated?


Mu Ye once again returned to his cold manner. Tang Doudou was still confused over whether he had actually smiled earlier or not so she didn’t notice that Mu Ye’s ears were red as heated iron. It was clear that he was currently very perturbed. At the very least, he wasn’t as cold as he acted.

The two once again returned to the ground. Tang Doudou saw that the sea of flowers was only one step away so her excitement drove her confusion to the back of her head. She grabbed Mu Ye’s hand and ran outwards.

She easily made it to the flower sea. Where was there any sort of array!?

Tang Doudou said, “Aren’t we out? How exactly did you end up wandering inside?”

Mu Ye didn’t elaborate in response to her question. He just started walking towards the middle of the flower sea.

Tang Doudou glanced around and confirmed that this was precisely the place she had entered the bamboo forest. Then, she followed him.


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