Chapter 100.2: Strict Teacher Mu


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What did this mean?

Tang Doudou stared at his hand, completely confused.

His hand was very different from Baili Yu’s. Although it was also slender and distinctly jointed, it was much wider and covered with calluses and scars. The calluses were due to frequent use of weapons. The scar was at his purlicue, it seemed to be the place she had injured last time.

Perhaps it was because she was simply staring blankly into space without reacting as Mu Ye said impatiently, “Get up! I’ll teach you!”

His tone was very cold and it chilled Tang Doudou to the point she immediately reacted. Tang Doudou placed her hand in Mu Ye’s and he closed his large hands. The hand in his palm was small and soft, seeming to be as smooth as top grade satin. Perhaps she was a little scared as the hand was slightly cold. This feeling caused his heart to jump exceptionally fast. Even when he used inner strength he couldn’t suppress it.

He pulled Tang Doudou up and immediately let go. Then, he turned his back to Tang Doudou and said, “Transfer your inner strength over, let me see.”

Tang Doudou was dumbstruck upon hearing his serious tone. Heavens ah! The Demonic Sect Leader is teaching the Alliance Head of the martial arts circles qinggong. If this news got out, the entire martial arts community would flip out!

“What are you dazing out for?” said Mu Ye coldly upon seeing that Tang Doudou wasn’t responding. However, out of Tang Doudou’s sight, he pressed his chest. It had finally calmed down.

His qi had almost scattered in disarray and entered qi deviation.

It was truly a terrifying feeling.

This was what Mu Ye was thinking as he turned around. However, what filled his vision was the sight of Tang Doudou preparing to sneakily slip away.

Where was she going?

Tang Doudou was tiptoeing forward with her back hunched over. F*ck! There’s no way she’d let Mu Ye teach her. What if he gets angry when she messes up and smack her dead in one strike?

More importantly, if this matter got found out, the people of the alliance would definitely cut her into eight pieces!

That bastard Elder Yu was especially dangerous. He hadn’t been causing her trouble for a while so if he ended up grabbing hold of information to use against her, her fate was going to be tragic.

While she was concentrating on sneaking away, she was completely unaware that Mu Ye had moved to stand in front of her. Thus, she crashed into him. Covered her bruised forehead, she complained, “Aiyoh, my head! Why’s your body like an iron block!?”

Mu Ye’s expression was cold. “Where are you going?”

Tang Doudou scratched her ear, embarrassed. “I’m, I’m going to use the restroom…”

Mu Ye’s face turned even colder. He saw through her blathered nonsense with one glance and shouted coldly, “You’re not allowed to go. Learn it first!”

The freak? What the heck!?

Isn’t that too despotic!?

“Utilize your breath to move your qi, hurry up!”

Since Tang Doudou couldn’t change his mind, she resigned herself and closed her eyes, then lifted the inner qi inside her dantian.

Mu Ye’s eyes slightly sharpened upon seeing her close her eyes, then rapidly tapped several areas on her body. “Move it following my inner qi, don’t get distracted.

After he finished speaking, Tang Doudou felt some other qi collect in her body that started moving along her veins. From what Mu Ye said, she should follow this qi?Alright, if he says to follow, she’ll just follow!

Tang Doudou calmed herself and adjusted her inner qi so that it moved following Mu Ye’s as a guide. A small amount of energy started moving below her feet.

It was rather different from how she previously used it but having done it a couple times, she leaped up with rather familiar movements. However, she still couldn’t control the speed and the route Mu Ye moved his inner qi along was different. Thus, she couldn’t react in time and rammed straight into the bamboo in front of her.

Seriously dumb.

Mu Ye shook his head helplessly. Then, his figure flickered and he moved in front of the bamboo. Tang Doudou, who couldn’t control her speed, crashed headfirst into his chest, knocking herself so dizzy stars danced in front of her eyes.

“Stand properly!”

Without waiting for her to return to her senses, Mu Ye brought her back down to the ground. Then he flung Tang Doudou and turned her so that her back faced him. Following that, he reached out, placed his hand on her waist, and slowly slid it towards her lower abdomen.

It shocked Tang Doudou and she hastily press down on his hand. Her voice was even trembling when she spoke, “You…”

“What nonsense are you thinking about, I’m moving it for you. You better remember it well, I’m only teaching it once!” Black lines appeared on Mu Ye’s forehead as his gaze swept across the small hand that was pressed over his. What did this woman think he was planning on doing?

Could it be she got the wrong idea?

Tang Doudou twisted around. Upon seeing Mu Ye’s cold face, she silently rebuked herself for being dirty-minded then turned back around and looked towards the front in concentration.

She had calmed down, but Mu Ye wasn’t calm anymore. This was because even separated   by layers of clothing, he could felt the gentle warmth of her body on his palm, and there was the faintly discernible fragrance of a young girl. These were all things he had never experienced before. The strange feeling caused him to space out for quite a while without moving.

Tang Doudou removed her hand and gave a cough. “Mu, Teacher Mu, we can start now, right?”

“Teacher Mu?”

“Ahem, it’s the same meaning as Master Mu.”

“Stand up straight, don’t let your thoughts wander off,” said Mu Ye coldly. Without waiting for her to react, he brought her to the top of the woods. “When you stop, don’t release your qi but send it into the Gushing Spring Pressure Point*.”

Da fudge? Couldn’t you give a heads up before starting?

And it seemed like this time it was him that was thinking random stuff?

He sure has a temper.

Tang Doudou stuck out her tongue, but closed her eyes and, rather obediently, did as instructed.


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