Chapter 369 - Forceful Kiss (6)

Chapter 369 - Forceful Kiss (6)

Then, he saw something that made him even more flabbergasted.

The germaphobic Great Master Han Shanyue, who never let anyone touch him, actually lowered his head and kissed the pale and soft lips of the girl in his arms!

Ji Yunhuang was speechless, “...”

The crowd was stunned, “...”

At least Master Han Shanyue did not kiss her for too long and it could be passed off as helping her breathe by giving her a breath of air.

After a short while, the nearly dead Ning Xuemo’s body finally gave a shudder and her fingers twitched. Han Shanyue immediately flipped her body over and let her lay on his legs. He pressed his palm onto her back and forcefully pushed. Ning Xuemo gave a groan of pain before she started to throw up water.

Thank goodness! Ji Yunhuang finally released a sigh. He looked at Han Shanyue’s back with a complicated gaze. He had never thought that this great Master’s ability to rescue people was very professional and skilled. Ning Xuemo’s small life was saved.

Knowing that Ning Xuemo was safe, he was also relieved. His eyes landed on Shi Tianlong, who was sitting not too far away to meditate and had just opened his eyes. He recognized this general.

He frowned slightly, “Shi Tianlong, what happened here?” Why was he here? And his arms were naked too…

Shi Tianlong’s expression still had some confusion. He stopped for a little before walking forward to greet the Crown Prince, “This general was patrolling the area and saw this Miss Ning playing with the water. I wanted to advise her to leave. However, due to a moment of carelessness, this general accidentally hit her into the water. This general also fell in and originally wanted to save her, but unexpectedly, this general’s arms and legs started to cramp in the water and could not save Miss Ning and nearly drowned myself. Fortunately, Master Han was there to save this general…” He paused a little more. He was not particularly clear on the events that happened after. Maybe it was because too much water got into his head. “After that… After that, Master Han also rescued Miss Ning…”

He felt that in that explanation, something was missing, but he could not think up what it was.

However, there were no holes in his story and so everyone present believed in him.

This Shi Tianlong was very honest in the way he treated people. Ji Yunhuang knew of the way he treated others and so he faintly nodded his head.

However, the boys behind him exchanged glances. One of them said, “This Miss Ning is really a calamitous person. General Shi was only with her for awhile, and nearly drowned because of this interaction…”

He had not even finished saying his sentence when Ji Yunhuang coldly glared at him and stopped him from saying more. He also knew that he had said too much and forced a smile on his face before retreating and bowing politely, “Your Majesty the Crown Prince,  this servant has some urgent matters and will first leave.”

Soon, he left.

Other people also quickly found excuses and rapidly left.

At this moment, Shi Tailong’s body was wet and his upper body was naked. His lower part was covered by a loose-fitting pair of pants that were pasted on his body. He cut a very sorry figure and because he was rather indecent, the Crown Prince raised his hands to let Shi Tianlong leave first.

Ning Xuemo’s consciousness was forced out of the darkness. As she regained consciousness, she felt that it was as if 1000 bees had drilled into her head. Not only was the buzzing very uncomfortable, but their jabbing hurt.

A painful heat spread through her nose and throat and all of her joints were hurting. It was as if she had suffered from some beating.

She was very uncomfortable and her body could not help but move around a little.

A hand pressed onto her back, “Don’t move!” The voice was magnetic yet cold like spring water.

'This voice-'

Ning Xuemo suddenly opened her eyes. In front of her was a face that looked beautiful enough to have come out of a painting…

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