Chapter 367 - Forceful Kiss (4)

Chapter 367 - Forceful Kiss (4)

Shi Tianlong’s mind trembled. He had been injured by Ning Xuemo’s finger strike and it was not a light injury. The blood within his body seemed as if it had congealed. It took double the usual time to circulate through his body. The most crucial thing was that he didn’t have any force left in his limbs. They were limp and painful to death. He knew that this time, it was better for him to meditate and restore his power, but...

“This general will do his best!” He took off his armor in haste and was about to go save Ning Xuemo.

“Only death awaits you if you persist!” Han Shanyue’s voice turned colder. His eyes fell onto the lake surface.

The lake surface was calm and devoid of any ripples, just like Han Shanyue’s expression. However, the aura surrounding his body was imposing and chilly, causing the ambient temperature to drop a few degrees.

Shi Tianlong couldn’t help himself from shivering, feeling as if his heart was frozen into a lump of ice.


Ning Xuemo had been plotted against by someone. Her whole body was soft like noodles. Her body sank into the water without any freedom.

Despite her superb swimming skills, she was in the type of situation where she had no way to escape. She helplessly felt the water enter into her nose and mouth. Then, at the end, she saw the sight of Han Shanyue standing there unmoving like a mountain.

The lake was very deep, approximately more than 10 meters. The further she sank, the more oppressive the gurgling of the water sounded, along with the sound of her heartbeats.

Although her body couldn’t move, she could still breath, thus she had taken a long deep breath before her body had sank into the water.

That Han Shanyue was a bit of a degenerate, but he wouldn’t really be thinking of killing her, right? They didn’t have any deep enmity or hatred between them.

30 seconds went by… Followed by a minute, then two minutes… Soon, three minutes had passed...

Ning Xuemo was still trapped at the bottom of the lake and she was starting to feel suffocated as seconds turned into minutes. The one deep breath she had taken earlier was slowly expiring and not much was left to sustain her. Her head was starting to feel swollen and painful, and a buzzing sound could be heard. She couldn’t hear any movement from outside the water, not even the splashing of water.

‘What’s going on?!’ Even if Han Shanyue didn’t want to save her, Shi Tianlong must have wanted to save her, right?

His injury should have only caused his body to be unfit for a minute or two at most. His strength should have been restored by more than a half by now. It should be enough to come and save her, but why wasn’t he coming?! Could it be that Han Shanyue really wanted to kill her, and had exercised his control on Shi Tianlong?!

Ning Xuemo eventually became flustered, with her heart on the verge of jumping out of her chest.

‘That’s right!’ She still had the little qilin!

She forced herself to calm down and try to use telepathy to communicate with the little qilin, “Little Apple, Little Apple, quickly come and save me. I’m at the bottom of the lake…”

While she was sitting at the lakeside playing around, the little qilin had been running around in a clamor. It was saying something about going to the kitchen to see what was delicious, but still hadn’t come back. It must have been held back by some delicious food.

Suddenly, Ning Xuemo felt somewhat weird. She was unable to use telepathy to contact the little qilin! In fact, she didn’t feel the little qilin’s presence at all! It seemed like it had been a while since the connection between her and the little qilin was severed! She used a communication technique, but it was of no use. The little qilin was not coming...

This time, Ning Xuemo was really in a panic! The shadow of death was looming above her, making her heart beat erratically like a drum!

As she panicked, her blood flowed faster, the more it flowed faster, the faster she consumed her oxygen! Her head became dizzy, frightening her to the point she unconsciously breathed in and violently choked on water!

People who had almost drowned knew how painful it was when they choked as water made its way into their nose, throat and mouth!

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