Chapter 366 - Forceful Kiss (3)

Chapter 366 - Forceful Kiss (3)

It was too late to retract her fingers, so she deviated the course of her fingers to the side. The place hit would still harm Shi Tianlong without a doubt.

Unfortunately, it was a place that injured him a lot! Shi Tianlong groaned in pain; His body shook while black spots bursted in his field of view. In front of his eyes, Ning Xuemo became two...

On top of that, his limbs became numb; his whole body felt weak. Not to mention saving someone, he couldn’t even support himself, and he gradually began sinking under the water.

Hey! Was her ability this high now?

Unexpectedly her counterattack had caused Shi Tianlong to be reduced into such a state.

‘Urgh!’ This was not the result she wanted!

Ning Xuemo was filled with depression. Right now, the other person couldn’t be the hero saving the damsel in distress. Thus, the damsel had no choice but to save the hero, otherwise the hero would drown in the lake!

She swam forward and stretched her arm out to fish him up.

Whether she saved him or he saved her, it didn’t matter since she could still get close to him.

Her fingers had just barely touched Shi Tianlong’s arm, and had yet to exert some force to pull him up when all of a sudden, a cold sensation could be felt on her back. Her lower back went numb! It was as if something had touched her and in a split second drained her of all her strength.

‘What’s going on?’

Ning Xuemo was greatly alarmed; Two people falling into water and neither having any strength, so to speak, was a life-threatening situation!

She had yet to use some strength when she heard a splash of water. Shi Tianlong, who was within her reach, suddenly soared out of the water into the air as if someone had illogically pulled him out...

Ning Xuemo helplessly watched as her idol was yanked out of the water by a mysterious force and like a tornado, his body flew to the shore.

She seemed to perceive something, thus she used all her strength to turn her sight towards the shore.

Under the moonlight, there was a person standing on the shore. His black hair was like a waterfall spilling along his gown while fluttering under the wind.

Because the distance from the shore was quite far, she couldn’t clearly see his face nor could she determine the color of his gown. Yet, Ning Xuemo could immediately recognize the person : Han Shanyue!

It was her enemy who inexplicably appeared so often in front of her!

At this moment, he lightly waved his sleeve and Shi Tianlong’s body spun under the movements of his hands. Plaf! Shi Tianlong was thrown onto the shore!

Fortunately his skin was rough and his flesh thick, being thrown like this was a mere trifle and basically caused him no harm.

He rolled on the shore, then vigorously crawled up before he greeted Han Shanyue with haste, “Many thanks Teacher!” Both had already met, therefore Shi Tianlong recognized Han Shanyue.

Han Shanyue’s sight fell on Shi Tianlong and slightly narrowed.

His face was concealed by the darkness, so Shi Tianlong couldn’t clearly see his expression. However, his intuition as a practiced martial artist told him that this mysterious and formidable Teacher Han Shanyue was emitting a killing intent.

It caused him to burst into shivers!

Even though he didn’t understand the reason for this killing intent, he was very concerned about another matter. He hastily greeted Han Shanyue again, “Teacher, there’s someone still in the lake. May I inconvenience Teacher to save her…”

“Someone else? Where?” Han Shanyue rarely spoke, his tone was monotone and flat.

“Just the-” Shi Tianlong pointed towards the lake, but his voice suddenly choked.

The lake surface was flat as a mirror, not a single trace of Ning Xuemo could be seen!

‘How terrible! She must have sank to the bottom!’

This lake was very deep. For a young girl like her to sink to the bottom, how could she survive?

A buzzing sound resounded inside Shi Tianlong’s brain. He was a hot-blooded, chivalrous man. Even if it was someone else, he would go save them, not to mention that the person was the daughter of Marquis Ning whom he admired the most!

He silently pondered seriously about jumping into the water again. “She sank to the bottom… This general will go save her!”

“Are you certain you can still go into the water?” Han Shanyue’s voice was as cold as the moon in the sky.

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O__O How far from the shore did Sylvester look-alike sent Ning Xuemo into the lake? Did he have some super strength like the first Boss in SAO?

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