Chapter 365 - Forceful Kiss (2)

Chapter 365 - Forceful Kiss (2)

It was quite rare to come across someone who knew her identity but didn’t shy away from her out of fear. What was more, that someone possessed her idol’s face.

Ning Xuemo felt very happy. She sat down to put her shoes and socks back on while she chatted with him.

Shi Tianlong was indeed a gentlemen. While Ning Xuemo was putting her shoes on, he automatically turned his back to her to preserve her modesty.

Ning Xuemo had only put on one shoe when she saw him act this way. She found it funny. She only had her feet exposed, was there a need to turn around?

She slightly shifted her gaze and suddenly let out a small shout as her body fell towards the lake!

Shi Tianlong was a general and was in constant awareness of his surroundings. Thus when he heard Ning Xuemo’s voice, he immediately pounced at her, “Careful!”

He intended to grab her and stop her from falling into the lake. Unfortunately, due to him being tense, the momentum of his pouncing was too ferocious and with a bam, he accidentally sent Ning Xuemo tumbling into the water instead! With a shaky balance himself, he followed Ning Xuemo into the water not long after with a loud splash!

Ning Xuemo was speechless.

Her whole face was overcasted. ‘Even the way he saves people is rude and impetuous.’

Fortunately, she knew how to swim and would not drink a bellyful of lakewater.

This was… it was already autumn and the lakewater was extremely icy. Ning Xuemo didn’t want to stay too long in the water. She very quickly emerged out of the water and thought about swimming to the shore without delay.

“Miss Ning! Don’t be afraid, I will save you!” Shi Tianlong had finally emerged and spare no effort to swim towards Ning Xuemo.

His swimming skill was pretty good, although it was not comparable to Ning Xuemo. It was rather heartwarming seeing him acting in such a way. Should she wait for him to be the hero saving the damsel in distress?

The distance separating him from Ning Xuemo was a bit far. It would take him about two to three minutes to reach her at the speed he was swimming. She would still be soaked in this icy water for a few more moments longer.

If she were to swim to the shore by herself, she would miss this chance to be in very close contact with her idol look-alike.

It was a first for Ning Xuemo to be tangled by such a dilemma.

After thinking for a moment, she decided to wait for him to come and “rescue” her!

Although it was a bit cold, she could still soak in the icy water for a few more minutes.

She pretended to struggle in the water and with her two hands waving frantically, she cried out, “Save… Save me!” She seemed like a person who couldn’t swim and was drowning.

Shi Tianlong saw her struggling; He picked up the pace!

As the gurgling of the water drew nearer, Ning Xuemo expected the appearance of her idol at any moment.

She pretended that she was struggling and inadvertently grabbed onto his hand.

Hehehe! Finally, she could touch her idol’s hands. His hand was just like what she expected in her imagination - strong and hard with palms rough with calluses. Too bad it wasn’t calluses formed from using firearms like she was familiar with.

She only wanted to get close to him, but forgot the most important rule when rescuing drowning people: the dread of being pulled into the water by the panic-stricken drowning person. From 10 people coming to rescue, it could turn into 9 people getting into trouble!

Shi Tianlong clearly understood that reasoning. When he felt Ning Xuemo’s small hand, he flung it away before saying, “Miss Ning, pardon me!” He swiftly struck out towards the back of Ning Xuemo’s neck with his hand in order to knock her out and save her.

Ning Xuemo’s reactions had been honed into instinct. Shi Tianlong’s sudden palm chop had induced a series of reflexive actions from Ning Xuemo. She agilely swam to the side, and sent out a palm strike to counterattack and incapacitate her opponent!

Shi Tianlong’s agility in the water was not on par with Ning Xuemo and from the start, he never expected her to attack him, so his mind went blank.

Ning Xuemo’s fingers were aimed at his carotid.

Although that place was not a lethal acupoint, if it was struck, even if Shi Tianlong didn’t die, he would still be bedridden for several days!

Fortunately, Ning Xuemo promptly reacted consciously. ‘F*ck!’ She didn’t want to kill her idol!

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