Chapter 361 - Drinking Vinegar (4)

Chapter 361 - Drinking Vinegar (4)

The commandery princess, who was the woman with an oval face that spoke earlier, smiled. “Yayan, I still think that you should accompany Marquess Ning.”

Lan Liushao was somewhat embarrassed. “Commandery Princess Qingling, you’re making fun of me. Marquess Ning has an honorable position; I am but a simple commoner. How can I dare to climb higher.”

“I believe that you are not afraid of climbing the social ladder, but you are afraid of her instead... Hahaha!”

The seven people burst into laughter as they displayed subtle expressions while watching Ning Xuemo. They were clearly making a joke out of her.

At first, Ning Xuemo wanted to leave, but at this moment, she slightly smiled and approached the pavilion at an unhurried pace. “Brother Huang, Brother Meng… So, you were also here. What a coincidence.”

The expressions on the three men changed. Ning Xuemo stood at the entrance of the pavilion, thus they couldn’t hide from her.

They could only greet Ning Xuemo with pale faces.

Ning Xuemo’s bright eyes looked like two streams of water reflecting everyone’s faces in the pavilion as if they were pleasing to her eyes, especially Brother Huang who was teasing Lan Liushao. “Brother Huang, since we parted two days ago, my mind has been constantly thinking about you.”

Brother Huang’s handsome face paled even more as he drew back two steps. He forcefully laughed. “M-marquess Ning is joking…”

Ning Xuemo pursed her lips. Her eyes filled with tenderness. “I am just joking. I was acquainted with you just two days ago, but Brother Huang’s every word and gesture often came to my mind…”

As she spoke, she leaned towards him. Brother Huang retreated two steps again, but he didn’t pay attention to the few steps of stairs behind him and slipped. With a loud sound, his butt smacked the ground, but the fall didn’t injure him much.

“M-marquess Ning… This one…” He was scared to the point of stuttering.

‘Such small guts!’

Ning Xuemo swiftly turned around and no longer paid attention to him. Her sight landed on Brother Meng’s face. “Brother Meng is as elegant and at ease as a jade tree, a giant among men…”

Brother Meng’s face became ashen. He pretended to laugh. “Marquess Ning is overpraising me. This one doesn’t deserve it.”

“You do deserve it. I have never seen a person who was as unusually handsome as you.” Ning Xuemo’s intelligent eyes made contact with Brother Meng’s asymmetrical eyes. “Brother Meng, why is it that the more I look, the more you seemed to stand out from the masses?”

Brother Meng, who possessed a large and a small eye, became white as paper. “This humble one… This humble one…”

“No need to be modest Brother Meng. Later I, Xuemo, will certainly speak a few words of praise for you in front of the emperor…”

She was not yet done speaking when Brother Meng quickly withdrew as his face turned green. “This humble one cannot afford it. I am a flawed person. Marquess Ning just doesn’t know…”

“Ha? What flaws do you possess?” Ning Xuemo took two steps forward. Her big eyes blinked.

“I-I snore and grind my teeth in my sleep! A-and my feet smell!” Brother Meng blurted out in one breath all of his shortcomings. When he was done, Ning Xuemo stayed expressionless, but the other girls couldn’t refrain themselves from backing away and moved a bit farther from him.

Ning Xuemo observed him before speaking softly, “Snoring and grinding one’s teeth are such manly things. As for the smelly feet… With frequent washing, it couldn’t be considered as a big shortcoming.”

Brother Meng simply wanted to cry. He took his courage and said, “I have a farting problem…”

This time, not only did the young ladies distanced themselves from him, even the other young masters followed suit.”

Ning Xuemo sighed lightly, “How unfortunate…” She finally let him off.

Brother Meng and the now recovered Brother Huang both revealed expressions as if they had escaped from life-threatening danger. They glanced at each other. Brother Meng wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, wishing to continue fooling around with the Prime Minister’s daughter who he was infatuated with.

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