Chapter 360 - Drinking Vinegar (3)

Chapter 360 - Drinking Vinegar (3)

Not a single one of them knew anything and kept avoiding its master like pest. Its master is not any less talented than them!

“Master, when I grow up later, I’ll marry you and make you the Qilin’s queen and send those humans to hell!” Little Apple spoke with extreme indignation.

Ning Xuemo bowed her head and sniffed a flower. When she heard the little qilin’s words, she let out a laugh. Then, she patted its head. “Let’s talk about it when you actually grow up.”

‘But a queen? This young qilin, that was exiled from its sacred land, was a little prince?’

Although the little qilin was more than 2,000 years old, it was the equivalent of a seven or eight year old little boy. If she were to wait for it to grow up, who knew how many times she would have reincarnated.

Since it was already autumn, the garden was mostly covered by blooming chrysanthemums, ranging from yellow, red, white, purple and even green.

Left and right, all the flowers strived brightly. They swayed gently, emitting their fragrance.

Because in the modern times, chrysanthemums held a particular meaning, it led to the decrease of this kind of flowers.

Although Ning Xuemo had already seen many chrysanthemums, this was still the first time she saw so many species of chrysanthemums.

She was enjoying the view on the side of the road when, from another direction, a person suddenly dashed out and almost bumped into her!

Ning Xuemo swiftly moved back. The person staggered before standing firmly and bowed in greetings, “Pardon me! Pardon me! This one was rude.”

The person was a youngster around 16 or 17 years old. His appearance was pretty and scholarly with graceful elegance.

He was dressed in a high quality blue scholarly garments. It was obvious he was one of those noble young masters. It was the first time that Ning Xuemo saw him.

She shook her head. “There was no harm.” She turned around to leave.

“Many thanks for your magnanimity. This one was being rude. I do not know from which family are you from? Would you allow me the honor of accompanying you for a stroll?” The youth’s clear eyes were fixed on Ning Xuemo, revealing a trace of amazement.

Oh! It was rare for her to come across someone who was not afraid of her. Ning Xuemo observed him with interest before asking, “Who might you be?”

“My father is Imperial Tutor Lan. I have yet to serve as an official…” The youth smiled.

“Are you related to the Supreme Court High Official Lan Yufeng?”

“He’s my elder brother. So, young lady has already heard of my brother. My name is Lan Liushao; courtesy name, Yayan. You can call me by my courtesy name.”

Ning Xuemo nodded. “A good name.” Then, she continued to walk.

Lan Liushao stared blankly, then he steeled his heart and followed her, “May I ask for your name?”

Lan Yufeng was such a stern official; It was quite unexpected for him to have such an easy-going little brother.

Ning Xuemo was about to scare him by telling her name when, from close by, a voice could be heard, “Yayan! This young lady is the recently most talked about character; The Emperor’s newly titled Marquis, Ning Xuemo.” The crisp voice belonged to a young woman. Lan Liushao was shocked and could not refrain himself from backing away. Ning Xuemo turned her head and looked in the direction of the voice.

There was pavilion, inside which stood  three men and four women. Their way of dressing exuded of nobility, all handsome men and pretty girls. The one who spoke was a young woman with an oval face who Ning Xuemo had once met. She should be one of the prince’s daughters, a commandery princess[1]Beside her stood a few people that seemed familiar to her, but she recognized none of them.

At this moment, seven pairs of eyes looked in Ning Xuemo’s direction. They clearly were all interested in enjoying a good show.

Lan Liushao’s handsome face slightly blushed as he retreated by two steps. He greeted in panic, “It turns out to be Marquis Ning. This one has been presumptuous and lacking in manners earlier.”

He escaped in panic, running quickly to the pavilion. “Brother Huang, Brother Meng…” He then greeted the people inside one by one.

[1] 郡主 (Junzhu) is a term given most of the time to the daughter of a prince of first rank (qinwang). In the West, a prince's daughter don't have a title or position from being born in a prince household, except if the king or queen bestow a title to them. In ancient China, you get a title from being a direct descendant of a prince that has direct blood relationship to the current emperor. If you are a daughter of a prince of second rank, you will have another title. For more informations, click here. (The information is based on the Qing dynasty)

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