Chapter 358 - Drinking Vinegar (1)

Chapter 358 - Drinking Vinegar (1)

(a.k.a. Being green with jealousy)

“Let other people accompany you! It’s better if you go with that Number Two!” Xijue spit out the words before turning away and flying out of the room. In the blink of an eye, his shadow could no longer be seen.

Ning Xuemo was speechless, “...”

‘Did he eat the wrong medicine today?’

‘Is it because he’s in his rebellious phase?’

‘Really, he’s still a child. His temperament is so moody…’


Ning Xue felt that Le Xuan Emperor must have a mental problem!

Since he could not force her to marry, he was playing the matchmaker.

Despite bestowing the title of Marquis to her, he did not even let her discuss the Empire’s matters at the imperial court. Instead, he often sent decrees to make her attend various gatherings organized by those descendants of government officials. For example, the cuju[1] association, the horse racing club, the martial arts assembly, etc.

Ning Xuemo was a transmigrator afterall. Thus, she was somewhat curious about the social activities in ancient times. Therefore, several times, she was in full spirits in anticipation to the events.

In the end, she came in contact with quite a few of the next generation officials.

Lots of them were handsome, cultured, valiant and strong… all types parading in front of her like proud peacocks.

However, every time those people saw her, their looks became subtle as if they saw a scourge and all of them avoided her when she approached.

When they played cuju, or during horse races, every one of them looked constipated and none of them showed the hot-blooded temper of youthful vigor. They did not seem to seek victory and were only trying to act low-key, wishing they were invisible. If Ning Xuemo glanced a bit too much at someone, the young man’s face would turn deathly pale, as if death was near... They all feared attracting the eyes of Ning Xuemo, the calamitous star.

With one participation, Ning Xuemo clearly understood the old emperor’s plan.

He hated to part with his son but did not want to let go of a talent like her. Therefore, he forced his officials to send their sons to hang around her. If she was to fancy someone, that person would be compelled to marry her.

After realizing Le Xuan Emperor’s thought process, Ning Xuemo only felt it was ridiculous.

And it only served to stir up her mischievous side. Thus, whenever she participated in any of those social gatherings, whoever was the most afraid of her, she would stare at him until he uncontrollably trembled from fear, looking like a weak little chick.

She would only retract her sight when she got the desired effect.

With this dull life, it is not bad to be able to find delight in such pranks.

Every time she was done participating in an event, Le Xuan Emperor would always summon her and very affably try to find out which young masters caught her eyes through many insinuations.

And Ning Xuemo would always give him an enigmatic smile, not revealing any of her thoughts and not praising anyone.

When Le Xuan Emperor asked her sternly, she would lightly sigh, “All those young men are pretty good, but not as much as the crown prince…”

With that line, it completely made the emperor shut up. He did not dare to continue the conversation and could only smile with benevolence before allowing her to go home.

After Ning Xuemo participated to four or five events, the emperor finally understood that those gatherings were thoroughly useless. However, it seemed like the little girl liked beautiful things...

Then, he recalled about that event organized by the scholar association : the Garden Appreciation party.

He immediately sent a decree compelling all unmarried sons of every official with seventh grade or higher to attend the party. In fact, anyone unmarried could participate.

It would not be proper if all those young men were there for only Ning Xuemo to choose, so the unmarried daughters of officials were also ordered to participate. At the appropriate time, Le Xuan Emperor would make his appearance to liven things up.

Ning Xuemo mulled it over, ‘How is this event a garden appreciation party? It was clearly a big blind date event!’

This old emperor was really putting in too much blood and sweat to rope her in, acting like he was Yue Lao[2] and tying red strings together.

Recently Ning Xuemo lived a pretty comfortable life. Aside from refining medicine and cultivating, she would stroll around and when she was bored, she would attend those banquets and enjoy the bustling of scenes during these events.

[1] Cuju is a chinese ball game very similar to soccer. For more informations, click here.

[2] Yue Lao is the god of marriage in Chinese mythology. For more informations, click here.

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