Chapter 300 - The Red-clothed Pervert (1)

Chapter 300 - The Red-clothed Pervert (1)

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The other man was greatly frightened. He didn’t care about Ning Xuemo and the little qilin who were still inside the net. He directly leapt to his senior brother. “Senior Brother!” He stretched his hand in order to support his senior brother’s body.

“It’s itchy! I’m itching-” In the blink of an eye, the needles caused his body to be itchy to the point that he could not take it anymore. His body was already wounded everywhere from his scratching.

The moment he saw his junior brother coming to help, he couldn’t restrain himself and grabbed his junior brother’s hand. “It’s itching me to death!”

He strongly ordered in a brief moment of lucidity, “Junior Brother, qu-quick! Get that little brat to cough up the antidote!”

The Junior Brother also recovered his spirit and immediately turned to the big net, but his body became stiff.

The big net that trapped Ning Xuemo and the little qilin was now already empty and the net’s pale golden strands were left sadly on the ground.

‘How could it be possible?!’

His senior brother’s net was a special trap tool, not only it was incomparably tough and durable, it could not be cut by sharp weapon of any kind. Furthermore, the net had a special contraction that only his senior brother could unravel. Anything that was trapped inside, could only dream about escaping.

Unexpectedly, that girl could unravel the opening mechanism of that net in that short amount of time and escape!

‘How was she able to do it?!’

The little qilin looked at them with anger from its current place while the scales on its whole body stood erect!

Meanwhile, Ning Xuemo leapt onto the big stone platform in the middle of the lake.

Her clothes were still on it!

After she put on her clothes, she would deal with them...

The instant she put her hands on her clothes, suddenly, a hand appeared out of nowhere and with lightning speed, grabbed her clothes before vanishing!

She was a step too late and narrowly missed her clothes.

“THAT RED-CLOTHED PERVERT! Get out of here for this Big Sis!” Ning Xuemo was furious.

The hand that suddenly appeared was graceful at glance. With such delicate and exquisite hands, in this world, rare were the people who could possessed them. Furthermore, in that split instant, she saw the glimpse at a bright red sleeve.

The only person that she knew who was fond of wearing such a flashy red and possessed an abnormal temper was none other than that red-clothed evildoer!

“Young lady! Take out the antidote!” The Junior Brother lost his cool and shouted at the girl standing on the stone. Meanwhile, within his palm, a faint red light started to irradiate.

Ning Xuemo raised her head and glanced at him. She then crossed her arms and spoke with no even an ounce of respect, “You were the one who trespassed into someone’s mansion; plotted against the owner of the residence and still have the gall to ask for the antidote? Are you still dreaming?”

The Junior Brother raged, “How brazen! Do you know who we are? Be tactful and quickly give me the antidote now! If you refuse, I’ll give you a taste of my centrifugal flame’s might!”

“Centrifugal flame? It’s just an application of centrifugal force!” Ning Xuemo sneered. Her sight landed on the Junior Brother’s back hand. The corner of her mouth hooked up, “One, two, three…”

The Junior Brother failed to understand why she suddenly started counting. But, it didn’t take long before his senior brother became delirious from the intense itchiness. The Junior Brother was no longer patient. He bluntly attacked. He lifted his hand and shot out five fireballs toward Ning Xuemo. He just wanted to incapacitate her and subdue her afterwards.

He didn’t expected that the little qilin opened its mouth and spouted out water arrows just as the five fireballs were flying in mid air. The water arrows collided head-on with the fireballs.

Water restrained fire, thus the fireballs vanished into smoke in midair.

The Junior Brother was startled. He forgot that this qilin was a water beast type...

“Eight, nine, ten!” Ning Xuemo with her arms crossed had already count to ten.

The Junior Brother felt extremely restless because of Ning Xuemo’s count. He thought again if there were any changes. Suddenly, the back of his hand was strangely itchy. In a flash, the itchiness on his hand spread to his entire body. In a split of second, his mind was practically filled with only one thought; to scratch himself. That unbearable itchiness just made him want to scream and shout.

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