Chapter 298 - Getting Ambushed! (1)

Chapter 298 - Getting Ambushed! (1)

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Q5 - In order of appearance, which relatives barge into Ning Xuemo house?

Answer : Second Madam, Second Uncle, Eldest Uncle, Eldest Uncle’s wife, Fifth Big Cousin, Sixth Little Cousin, Eldest Cousin

Because Ning Xuemo had already instructed her servants beforehand, the back of the garden had become a forbidden area. No one would dare to set foot there without her permission, and thus the place was very isolated.

With her entire body covered in greasy and dirty filth, it made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

For the past two days, every time she was finished cultivating for the day, she would go and bathe in the lake. She would only go do other things after she was done refreshing herself.

Although right now the situation was somewhat urgent, she still had the time to clean herself before an upcoming battle...

She looked around her and confirmed there was no one around her. Then, she took off her clothes and jumped into the water.

Because she was afraid of the unpredictable red-clothed evildoer, she didn’t dare to be completely naked, preferring to bathe in her underwear. As for the rest of her clothes, they were placed on the stone platform in the middle of the lake.

She started to submerge her body in the lake and was cleaning herself.

The greasy and mud-like filth covering her body was quite easy to wash off. As soon as she entered the water, half of the dirt was washed off.

She had just watched both arms when a shadow flashed in a distant. A blue cat dashed toward her. “I want to bathe too! Master, I’m taking a bath too!”

‘Little Apple! Wasn’t it playing with the Chastity Testing Beast?’

By the time Ning Xuemo recovered to her senses, the little qilin had already entered the water with a big splash. It beat around in the water and returned back into its original form. “Aiyaya! Spending the past two days as a cat had me stifled to death!”

The lake wasn’t deep at all. It was merely two meters deep, so the little qilin was half submerged in water. Only its head could be seen floating above the water. It slightly closed its eyes, showing an expression of complete satisfaction.

The little qilin was energetic and mischievous. It loved running around inside the mansion, not even a moment of rest.

In order to not startle people, Ning Xuemo only allowed it to roam around in its cat form. When night came, it could revert back to its original form as a qilin and sleep inside her bedroom.

When she was busy cultivating, the little qilin would ran to play with the Chastity Testing Beast as it hated staying in a stuffy room.

Usually, it played for less than an hour before returning, but this time, it came back after not even 15 minutes. Why did it return so early?

Never mind, this is also good. It’s faster if she used its speed when she needed to flee and it also saved her the effort of having to find it again...

“Why have you return so early today? Did Tom bully you?” Ning Xuemo scooped water in her hands and poured it on the little qilin’s head.

“He wouldn’t dare! But, he’s strange. Unlike the other beasts, he’s not scared of me at all. His spirit aura also a bit strange. What’s more, I was surprised that I was unable to understand his beast language…” The little qilin was puzzled.

Ning Xuemo laughed. The little qilin also spoke Chinese and understood the beast language, but not necessarily English.

‘Poor Tom, it’s so rare for a beast that could understand beast language to come by, and yet he still cannot communicate with it.’

“That’s right! Master, it’s quite surprising, but that guy likes to read books. The characters on the book are quite odd and looked like tadpoles. Despite the weird characters, he looks at it with great interest. I went to find him so that we can play together, but he didn’t like me being noisy. He didn’t dare to drive me away, but he kept being sullen…”

“He’s practicing learning characters.” Ning Xuemo replied in succinct words. Her heart was somewhat happy.

The book that Tom was currently reading had been translated by her for him to read. It was a book on the foundation of cultivation, which is literally a guide meant for the Chastity Testing Beast.

In order to get rid of his beast shape, Tom was extremely assiduous about learning, to the point that he even forgo sleeping and eating, turning into a complete bookworm.

Not to mention the little qilin finding him, even if she went back to the mansion to see him, he would barely express any excitement when welcoming her as he would be completely engrossed in learning the cultivation method in his own corner.

This time when Ning Xuemo returned, she gave Tom some medicinal herbs suitable for beasts to consume and some specific pills which she refined. After he ate them, the speed of his cultivation became much faster.

In the span of two days, his power rose at the speed of lightning.

As a matter of fact, Tom was very intelligent. When Ning Xuemo had some free time, she also taught him a few Chinese words.

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