Chapter 297 - The Red-clothed Evildoer (4)

Chapter 297 - The Red-clothed Evildoer (4)

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Q2 - At what age did Ning Xuemo finish her training as a secret agent?

Answer : 17 years old

On a praying mat opposite of Ning Xuemo, a man was leisurely sitting, with clothes like flames and a gentle expression like a poem.

One of his hands supported his chin while the other played with the praying mat. After he noticed that Ning Xuemo had opened her eyes, his red lips hooked up into a smile similar to that of a modest gentlemen. However, the words he spoke were in quite the contrast to his appearance, “Hey! Little girl, are you cultivating to be a smelly frog? How stinky! How dirty!”

‘The Red-clothed evildoer!’

All the muscles on Ning Xuemo tensed up! Unexpectedly, he found her?!

From what she knew, he was a great devil that was just released recently. For what reason did he come to find her instead of going out to enjoy the sights of the dazzling new world?

Was he here to get back at her?

“Didn’t we already settle the business between us? What brings your excellency to this place?” Ning Xuemo calmly took two steps back. Quietly, she took a small box from the corner of her desk and put it inside her sleeve.

“Settle the business? Little girl, you used me to escape while throwing three annoying idiots at me. My hands are once again dyed with blood. It caused my heart to feel extremely unwell!” The red-clothed evildoer got up, then opened his hands and looked at them. He looked quite regretful.

“Please! I am the benefactor who saved you from that coffin, so what’s wrong with me taking advantage of you a little bit just this once? I saved you once, you helped me once; we are now even with each other without anyone losing out on it…”

“For me, I like to be the one who owes other people rather than to have other people owe me. Therefore, being even won’t do…” The evildoer’s red clothes fluttered with every step as he pressed forwards.

Ning Xuemo tried to put more distance between them and retreated as much as she could while he closed in. “Then what do you want? You already swore you would not harm me in this lifetime!”

Oh! It did seem like I made that kind of oath. Little girl, your memory is pretty good. However, I only swore that I would not harm or take your life myself. I didn’t mention about others doing so in my stead…” He watched her with a smile. “For example… those people who wanted to get you… There’s really quite many people searching for you out there… It surprises me that you are such a popular person. If they knew you were hiding in your mansion… Tsk! Tsk! What do you think could possibly happen?”

Ning Xuemo’s expression faintly changed. “What do you want in the end?”

“Be my servant!” The red-clothed evildoer put forth his condition. He continued in a tone which was clearly that of someone granting a favor to another, “There are not many people who have the qualifications to be my servant. Little girl, you are quite fortunate…”

‘Fortunate your ass!’

Ning Xuemo hated the fact that she couldn’t just slap him back into that crystal coffin!

Opening that crystal coffin was the biggest mistake of her lifetime! It was practically like as if she opened Pandora’s box.

“And if I don’t want to?”

Oh! That is very regretful.” The red-clothed evildoer spread his hands and… disappeared.

Ning Xuemo could only blankly stare, “...”

She thought that he would nag her, perhaps even end the situation in a fierce battle. However, she didn’t expected he would simply give up just like that...

‘Is that evildoer someone so easy to reason with?’

She absolutely didn’t believe it!

Like a whirlwind, Ning Xuemo circled around inside the quiet room, searching for any traces of the red-clothed evildoer.

After a short while, she finally gave up trying to sense him.

That degenerate really left. She didn’t detect even the slightest trace of his presence.

She walked out the meditation room in big strides.

Since that bastard found this place, he must already know all of her inside information. If he really decided to fetch others, then her days would no longer be easy. Thus, she would take this opportunity to escape far away.

This meditation room was built on a lake in the garden behind the mansion, and on the shore, there were nine winding corridors connected with each other.

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