Chapter 296 - The Red-clothed Evildoer (3)

Chapter 296 - The Red-clothed Evildoer (3)

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Q1 - How old was Ning Xuemo when she transmigrated?

Answer : 22 years old

Although the red-clothed man’s power was not at its peak, he nevertheless found it quite surprising for a tiny human to be able to sense his aura.

That little girl always went beyond his expectations!

If he could swindle that kind of girl to work as his servant, it would be pretty good...

“The Great Devil! Senior Brother, it’s the red-clothed Great Devil!” On the main road, a youngster suddenly pointed toward a tree while loudly shouting loudly.

Another youth, a disciple like the other youngster, lifted his head and directly looked at the red-clothed man on the tree, still wearing a resplendent smile like a flower blooming in spring.

The youth’s expression changed. He rudely and impetuously pulled on his Junior Brother while shouting, “Quickly, let’s go!”

Both fellow disciples fled without caring about anything else.

Just as they relaxed, a golden light suddenly exploded right in front of their eyes. They let out a scream, covering their eyes as blood began to flow out, seeping from between their fingers.

“You two are really annoying.” A gentle voice like a spring breeze echoed near their ears. “Let’s waste those eyes of yours.”

The voice was gentle, but his actions were frighteningly sinister in contrast.

The two youths frantically rolled on the ground. Their eyes were pierced with golden steel needles, rendering them crazy from the pain. Thus, they didn’t have the leisure to notice when the red-clothed man left.


Ning Xuemo entered the city without any problems. Once she entered, she saw the bustling crowd on the street and felt that she had returned to civilization.

The feeling of returning back to civilization was truly wonderful! Finally, she could go home and have a real rest!

As she walked near her Jingyuan Mansion, her sharp senses quickly discovered there were many hidden spies in the vicinity...

She frowned slightly. ‘Ji Yunyao, that b*tch!’

In Heavenly Book Mountains, Ji Yunyao had revealed Ning Xuemo’s identity in front of so many people. Since those people couldn’t find her inside the mountains, they were now trying their luck stalking around her mansion.

It appeared that the troubles she couldn’t appropriately deal with before her return had now come back as a thorn in her side...

She was tired and hungry, so this time, she didn’t have much drive to care about too many things at the same time. She decided to return to the mansion first to rest, and then she would think about her problems again in a few days.

Of course, to be safe, she couldn’t leak her identity and whereabouts.

She had a special way to contact Old Zhong, and thus very quickly called him over discreetly.

After seeing his mistress, he burst into tears. Afterwards, he was able to secretly smuggle the disguised Ning Xuemo into Jingyuan Mansion.

Meanwhile, the people watching from outside were none the wiser.


Ning Xuemo stayed inside her mansion to rest for a full two days, and gradually, her strength completely recovered.

Hearing from Old Zhong, she knew that in order to find her, the people outside had already overturned heaven and earth. Countless experts from many sects and schools had entered Vast Sky Empire’s capital. What was more, apart from the sects searching for her, the officials had also discovered her possession of a young qilin, and they too dispatched theirs troops to Heavenly Book Mountains to find her.

In her current situation, she was like a delicious cake being fought over by every sect, school and all kinds of powerful forces. Even if their purposes were not simple, she had absolutely no strength, so regardless of which party’s hand she fell into, it wouldn’t be good for her.

The trees long for peace, but the wind will never cease. How the situation was developing into gave her a major headache.

Perhaps, she could conceal her identity and live in remote place? Ning Xuemo started to ponder about that possibility.

The summer nights were still hot and humid.

In the silence of her room, Ning Xuemo had just finished cultivating. Her body was soaked in sweat and was greasy all over.

It was quite strange. She clearly bathed every day, but ever since she cultivated according to Jiu Zun’s psychokinesis refining method, her body always secreted some sticky light grey substance. It had a mud-like texture, but at the same time it also felt oily like fat. It oozed out from all the pores across her whole body. When she looked at herself, her messy appearance made her quite nauseous.

She opened her eyes upon feeling her body abruptly being paralyzed!

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