Chapter 263 - Let Me Send You Up (3)

Chapter 263 - Let Me Send You Up (3)

“As long as you stayed in one place and rest for six hours, your strength would have recovered. I clearly told you about this before I left. You didn’t heed my words and courted death, so what does that have to do with me?”

Zhong Rushuang angrily said, “Little demoness, you’re speaking nonsense! You are justifying yourself even after poisoning us?! If it wasn’t because of your poison, my three juniors wouldn’t have lost their strength during combat and met with calamity!”

“You losing your strength during battle was due to the flying dragon centipede’s poison! Stop blaming others for your own inability and mistakes!” Ning Xuemo rudely replied. Her eyes narrowed as she continued, “Zhong Rushuang, are you trying to take revenge and using a random reason to start it?! You’re not forgetting about that cruel oath you made, aren’t you?”

Zhong Rushuang’s expression slightly changed, “I’m not thinking about taking revenge on you…”

“Then, what did you plan to do by obstructing me with your senior brothers? I don’t suppose it’s to reminisce our past together?” Ning Xuemo’s cold voice interrupted Zhong Rushuang’s words. “Or did you forget about that vicious oath you made before? Do you want me to repeat the words you swore to once again? If you go against your oath, aren’t you afraid of what would happen to your master?”

Ning Xuemo caused Zhong Rushuang to be choked with her words, causing her face to turn from green to white. “Y-you… Stop speaking nonsense! We didn’t know you were in there. We only heard a strange noise, so we came here to take a look. Who knew a little girl like you would recklessly jump out from that hole!?” She gave Ning Xuemo a suspicious glare before remembering to add, “That’s right! Where’s Number Two? How did you come to the 8th Mountain by yourself? This is impossible!”

She turned to her two seniors and said, “Eldest Senior Brother and Third Senior Brother, this girl is a psychokinesis trash, but she possessed numerous crafty and unique tricks… How could she appear here? According to her skills, it should be impossible for her to accomplish such feats…”

Her Eldest Senior Brother appeared to be in his late 20s. His bearing was elegant and calm with an easygoing impression. He watched Ning Xuemo before indifferently said, “Anything happening that’s unusual must have to do with demons and monsters. I’m afraid that this girl is a monster!”

The Third Senior Brother immediately interjected, “Correct! It’s impossible for such a trash to be able to run off to this 8th mountain. It’s very likely that she is some kind of monster who transformed into human. Number Two must have been deceived. Since Number Two is currently not present by her side, perhaps his life is already in jeopardy. Us, upright and righteous sects, will take it upon ourselves to subdue monsters and get rid of demons. Since we have encountered such a monster, we cannot let it be!”

Zhong Rushuang’s eyes brightened. She coldly snorted at Ning Xuemo, “That’s correct! Since we encountered an evil demon, how can we not get rid of it?! Little Demoness, I am not taking revenge on you. I’m simply upholding my beliefs by getting rid of a demon like you!”

Finally, they found a reason to kill Ning Xuemo, and it was also an honorable reason. They immediately stopped being polite and revealed their weapons.

Ning Xuemo lightly clapped. She applauded at them three times. “Not bad! Not bad! You went to such lengths to scheme against an unarmed and defenseless little girl. Your reasoning is such a load of crap, really just like you! Turns out that the Bright Reverence School’s disciples are actually no more than that. I must thank you for the eye-opener!”

She shifted her eyes and saw that the red clothed man already flew up. He was lazily leaning on a big boulder at this instant, with the corner of his mouth stretched into a smile. He had the attitude of a spectator enjoying a bustling scene. He clearly had no intention of involving himself.

She held the guqin tighter and looked at the three others. Her lips hook into a smile as she asked, “Do you all want to attack together? Or would it be a tag match?”

She saw Zhong Rushuang’s skills before and estimated it to be at mortal realm rank 8.

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