Chapter 262 - Let Me Send You Up (2)

Chapter 262 - Let Me Send You Up (2)

“We will go up ourselves!” The little qilin stated. Its psychokinesis was restored, so getting out of this hole would be effortless.

It used its four limbs as a spring to jump up around 12 meters high. By the time its jump lost power, it stepped on the stone wall and used it to jump up several more meters.

The red clothed man didn’t plan to trick them. Still waiting below with his arms crossed, he told them, “Be careful. If you fall to your death, make sure you don’t break my guqin…”

‘This degenerate!’

Ning Xuemo wished she could smash the guqin in her arms on his head!

She smiled at him while riding on the little qilin’s back. “Then bless and protect us so we won’t fall. If we were to fall, the first thing to share our fate will be this guqin!”


What Ning Xuemo never expected was that after riding out safely from the weird tomb, she was ambushed!

It wasn’t an ambush by the red clothed man. Multiple attacks came from all directions!

She and the little qilin had barely just landed. They didn’t even regain their footing when they heard the whistling sound of a magic spell raining down on them!

Ning Xuemo was shocked. Right now, except for that guqin, she was weaponless. She was only left with one choice : flip off the little qilin’s back and slip down its underbelly to dodge some of the attacks.

The little qilin was also startled by the sudden attack, but it still had a fast reaction speed. It immediately opened its mouth and breathed out a dazzling blue water barrier which completely surrounded its body.

Two rays of attacks from the magic spells and magic weapons smashed into the water barrier like lightning.

The water barrier flickered, and immediately afterwards, the qilin’s body shook. It was quite evident that these two attacks held great power, causing the little qilin to feel somewhat strained from resisting them.

After the water barrier flickered, it disappeared, exposing their figures to plain sight.



“A real qilin!” Someone exclaimed with a voice filled of surprise and disbelief.

Following the shouts, the figures of three people wearing white clothes flew over, surrounding Ning Xuemo and the little qilin.

Ning Xuemo came out from hiding and could finally clearly see her attackers. Her heart slightly accelerated at the sight!

She knew one of the them. All cladded in white clothes, wearing a white skirt, looking gaudy and cold, it was none other than the disciple from Bright Reverence School that she once crossed swords with, Zhong Rushuang!

The other two also wore white clothing, but a feather was embroidered on their collars. They were obviously disciples from Bright Reverence School.

Two men and a woman. The men were handsome, free and relaxed. The woman was glamorous like a flower. It appeared that the rumors were not unfounded about how the Bright Reverence School was similar to the Sun Moon Sect. Their inner disciples were not only highly skilled, their appearance were also outstanding. Just one of them was enough to be eye candy.

Zhong Rushuang’s charming face slightly changed as she also recognized Ning Xuemo right away. She immediately said, “Eldest Senior Brother and Third Senior Brother, it’s that loathsome girl who caused the deaths of several of our junior brothers and sisters! If it wasn’t because we were poisoned by that accursed girl, three of our junior disciples wouldn’t have died on the Sixth Peak under the claws of the Flying Dragon Centipede!”

Ning Xuemo’s heart slightly sank. ‘No wonder I didn’t see the other three. So they were already dead?’

Her little mouth pursed as she clearly stated, “Zhong Rushuang, you were the one who schemed against us first. I had no choice but to poison you all. It was an act of self-defense. Furthermore, the poison at that time could only cause pain, and the effect only lasts for four hours, during which it’s impossible to restore your strength. It was absolutely not deadly.”

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