Chapter 261 - Let Me Send You Up (1)

Chapter 261 - Let Me Send You Up (1)

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Ning Xuemo, “...” From the red clothed man’s words, it was possible to infer that the person who sealed him wasn’t the Ancestor. ‘Could it be that there’s still another ancient old master who’s alive?’

“You haven’t heard about the Ancestor?” Ning Xuemo probed again with a question.

“Who is he? Should I have heard of him?” The man asked back.

Ning Xuemo’s mind stirred! ‘This man was sealed more than 2,000 years, so he didn’t know about any influential figures that appeared during that time. So this means that when that man roamed this world freely more than 2,000 years ago, there was no such character called the Ancestor…’

It was easy to guess from this information that the Ancestor was 2,000 years old at most. For that red clothed evildoer, the Ancestor could only be considered as part of the brilliant younger generation.

“The Ancestor is currently the most powerful character in the continent. Every commoner from every country worships him like a deity.” Ning Xuemo summed up the information about the Ancestor.

The red clothed man didn’t pay much attention to her words. His lips hooked into a smile as he said, “I didn’t expect that the humans will have a cultivator in the Heaven realm… Interesting. When I have the time, I’ll pay him a visit and see if this younger generation can resist some of my moves…”

Ning Xuemo coughed. She didn’t expect that her few words just gave the Ancestor a formidable opponent…

However, the Ancestor truly stood at the peak of this continent for the longest time, who knew how many years passed by without him being able to find an opponent, just like Dugu Qiubai[1]. As they said, “There’s only solitude when one’s at the top.”

Her giving the Ancestor an opponent could be said to make his dull life a bit more exciting. Perhaps, it might give some meaning to his current life…

But, what would happen if the Ancestor had difficulty handling this evildoer? This evil guy appeared gentle from the outside but was in reality a vicious and merciless scourge. Won’t he dye this world in rains of blood? Then, the sin she committed was certainly huge!

‘Who could have sealed him at that time?’ She didn’t hear about anyone who lived longer than the Ancestor. ‘Could it be a hermit living in a godforsaken place?’

Ning Xuemo felt that there weren’t many unknown but powerful hermits in this world. It just made her remember that time when she got acquainted with people from the Jiang Hu in her world; some love to be boastful; others were passing chivalrous heroes helping a master, while a few among them preferred to be low-key despite possessing real skill. Those people never revealed their true nature in front of people and often had an obscure or unknown reputation in the Jiang Hu. For example, the monk sweeping the floor in “Demigods and Semi-Devils”.

‘Forget it! The situation already developed to this point.’ There was no use regretting her slip of tongue. ‘Carpe Diem…’

“Your Excellency, we’ve been conversing for quite some time and could be regarded as brought together by fate. May I ask you for your honorifics?” Ning Xuemo wanted to fish out his name so it will be more convenient for her to investigate his identity when she returned home.

The red clothed man raised an eyebrow. He wore a gentle smile, while spouting poisonous words, “Little kid, do you think you are qualified to know my name?” He obviously didn’t care much about a tiny and insignificant human like her.

‘Arrogant jerk!’

When the conversation becomes disagreeable, saying more would only be a waste of breath. Ning Xuemo didn’t speak to him again. She patted the little qilin’s horn while saying, “Little Apple, let’s go up.” She turned around and jumped on the little qilin’s back.

“Leave behind the Blackwave Zither!” The red clothed man coldly reminded her.

“Wait until we reach the surface, then I will give it back.” Ning Xuemo tightly held onto the guqin.

Although that red clothed evildoer already swore, she wouldn’t feel relieved until she returned to the surface. If she gave it back to him at this moment, God knows what kind of trouble he could brew!

“Little girl, you’re too cautious! I wish later you will not regret the decisions you made today…” The red clothed man’s smile was somewhat restrained with his arms crossed. He stepped aside from the exit tunnel. “You want me to send you both out or are you going to do it yourself?”

[1] Dugu Qiubai is a character that could be found in name as a legendary undefeated swordman in three of Jin Yong's novels. His name literally means "The Loner Who Seeks Defeat". For more informations, click here.

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