Chapter 260 - Tricked by Her! (4)

Chapter 260 - Tricked by Her! (4)

Rumble! Rumble! The noise gave the impression of the heavens falling and the earth rending. The dome-shaped ceiling opened, revealing a big hole.

Originally, the hole was filled with rocks and stones. However, the pale golden light he sent out split open a path amongst the rocks and stones. It felt like the hole was a vortex, spreading out layer by layer toward the surface.

After fifteen minutes, light suddenly shone down from above. ‘At last, light from the surface!’

At this time, it was already evening on the surface. From below, they could see the deep blue of the night curtain covering the whole sky, decorated by numerous twinkling stars.

The little qilin suddenly exclaimed in a low voice, “Master, my psychokinesis is back!” Its voice was filled with excitement.

Ning Xuemo nodded. She could also feel the surge of psychokinesis returning. At this moment, it slowly circulated within her blood vessels.

There was no need to ask that the sealed room must have a special magnetic field, which interfered with the way her and the little qilin, the intruders, emitted psychokinesis, thus neutralizing the use of it. However, that man wasn’t affected by it at all…

It seems like the person who sealed the red clothed man in there is quite skilled...

“Who sealed you in the coffin?” Ning Xuemo abruptly asked the red clothed man.

The man glanced at her before giving an ambiguous reply, “Guess who?”

How was she going to guess? She didn’t even know the whole history of 2,000 years ago.

She smiled. “In fact, the person who sealed you is pretty good and didn’t want to completely eradicate you…”

The red clothed man turned stiff; a light flashed inside his eyes. “How do you know?”

“I guessed!” Ning Xuemo replied bluntly. She used her finger to point at the crystal chains, “Where do these hollowed chains lead to? These chains are specially made to absorb the blood and flesh of all the animals passing by. Then, all the nutrients are sent to your body. It let you live on for more than a thousand years without starving to death…”

When the little qilin and her examined the skeleton of the magic beast, she saw those chains in the vicinity.

At that time, there must have been a special property inscribed into the chains that made them inconspicuous. Right when the exit was opened, she saw the chains nearby, and after observing them, she immediately deduced their real function.

She now knew why the demon beast became a dried up corpse in such a short time.

The man’s eyelashes trembled while his pale lips slightly pursed. He looked at his palms which looked faintly pink. ‘Even after thousands of years, nothing has changed.”

He sighed vaguely. “Perhaps, what you said is correct. This is that person’s[1] way of burning incense for me… But what I wanted was never this…”

“A man? Or a woman? Is the person who sealed you a man or a woman?” Ning Xuemo asked in curiousity.

Graceful like a poem, his smile turned treacherous and murderous without really exposing his mood any further. It was rare for him to show such a painful expression.

Therefore, it stirred Ning Xuemo’s curiosity, making her unable to refrain herself from asking.

The man’s expression became heavy, but he immediately resumed smiling. “Aren’t you curious? You think I want to find that person and let that person seal me again?”

Ning Xuemo yawned. “You’re overthinking. I haven’t heard of anyone who lived for more than 2,000 years except for this continent’s godly Ancestor…”

Suddenly, she sized him up and down. “You weren’t sealed by the Ancestor, right?”

“The Ancestor?” The red clothed man raised an eyebrow. “Who is he?”

[1] That person is a woman. In Chinese, the pronoun for he and she used the same pronunciation, but the characters are different. Thus, Ning Xuemo's questions and also why I have to put a footnote.

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