Chapter 246 - Blackwave Zither (2)

Chapter 246 - Blackwave Zither (2)

This was obviously a cold underground tomb, but she unexpectedly felt warmth.

She slowly stepped forward. As she examined the person lying inside, her heart trembled!

This time she could clearly see the appearance of the person inside.

It was a man! A man with an elegant countenance.

His skin was like jade, with long eyebrows that looked as if they were painted, temples slanted and raised. His soft eyes were closed; he had upright eyelashes, a tall nose bridge, and light red thin lips which were slightly stretched.

His posture looked peaceful as if he was only sleeping and not dead. It almost seemed like he could sit up and chat at any moment if anyone were to lightly knock on the coffin.

Next to his body, there was a zither, as blue as the ocean.

The body of the zither seemed to be made out of precious stones. Under the candlelight, it appeared to emit a glint similar to a water wave. As it reflected on the body next to it, it felt like the man was submerged in deep water.

The little qilin’s eyes shined. “Blackwave Zither! It’s the Blackwave Zither!”

Ning Xuemo’s heart jumped when she heard the name “Blackwave Zither”.

In her world, there was a legend about eight great divine tools[1].

However, this zither was one of the ancient and mythical ten great divine tools of this world.

The effect of the zither was a bit similar to Fu Xi’s zither[2]. Both were musical instruments that could help cultivate the heart and nurture the character, as well as kill.

If it was played normally, the notes would sound like nature itself, causing birds and animals to dance along with the music. In the case the zither was played with a special skill, each note sent out would be like a hidden weapon that could take lives. The power would be enough to level a whole mountain.

According to rumors, if any musician were to play that zither, their skills would reach the peak, enabling them to summon the water from the Yellow Springs with a pull of the string, obliterating all living things and turning the whole world into a vast expanse of water.

It was said that this Blackwave Zither was once the Immortals realm’s most valuable treasure. Later, it fell into the hand of a powerful devil ancestor and became a weapon of mass destruction.

There were numerous legends about it, but all had the same ending; evil couldn’t overcome goodness. The devil ancestor who desired the destruction of the world was eliminated by the joint force of many immortals and the Blackwave Zither was thus destroyed without a trace.

Of course, all of what she knew were fragments of records that came from old books she had read. All the legends were like discount sales, with most parts being exaggerated and most facts being overstated.

Therefore, Ning Xuemo always took these kinds of legends with a grain of salt and considered them as entertaining old story written by who knew which old ancient to dupe the later generation.

What’s more, the characters in these legends were quite similar to those from ancient China’s myths. Who would believe that these characters actually existed?

The only thing out of her expectation was the existence of that legendary zither inside the coffin.

She examined the zither, to be precise, the guqin. ‘Playing that thing can actually summon the water of the Yellow Springs[3]? How ridiculous!’

That guqin must contain some psychokinesis, so it would be regarded as a weapon that used soundwave to kill which caused people to mistake it as something miraculous...

However, since the legend turned this zither into such an OP item, it must definitively be a good treasure. Besides, she just happened to love playing the guqin. If she took this thing back home, this trip to the mountains could be considered not wasted.

Ever since she entered Tianshu Mountains, she brushed with death numerous times and still survived for this long without experiencing any worse mishaps, how lucky!

The little qilin was also very happy. It regretted implicating its mistress and wanted her to leave this place. However, when it saw the treasure, it became immediately happy and urged her, “Mistress, you should think of a way to bring back this zither. It could become your personal magic weapon. It could help promote you to another level… entering a mountain of treasures, one cannot leave empty handed…”

“Yeah, I know.” Ning Xuemo interrupted it.

[1] The eight great divine tools, that we loosely translated, is also called the "Covert Eight Immortals". It's eight different type of tools containing supernatural effects and made for the use of the Eight Immortals. For more informations, click here.

[2] Fu Xi was said to be the first mortal emperor and Nüwa's husband. Legends said that he was the inventor of guqin, a type of zither.

[3] The Yellow Springs referred to the Underworld.

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