Chapter 244 - Did You Have Fun? (4)

Chapter 244 - Did You Have Fun? (4)

“I will not! I will not abandon you.” Ning Xuemo sighed and promised him. “That’s right. Don’t you have a technique to help you fly out of here? Why didn’t you jump up earlier?”

“This… this place is weird. I can’t use my psychokinesis in here.” The little qilin’s tone was laced with fear.

Ning Xuemo’s heart jumped. As she began to circulate the small amount of psychokinesis she had within her body, she confirmed that her body was void of psychokinesis; not even a sliver of psychokinesis could be felt...

Then, she tried to circulate her inner force instead. Fortunately, her inner force wasn’t affected and could still be manipulated according to her will.

All around the area within the hole, there was a vast network of tunnels. Ning Xuemo and the little qilin were hiding inside one of the tunnels in order to avoid the falling rocks and boulders.

At this moment, the opening of the big hole was quickly sealed off by the rocks and boulders. It was now impossible for them to return to the surface using the same entrance. They had no other alternative but to find another exit.

“Let’s go find another exit.” Ning Xuemo sighed as she walked further inside the tunnel they were hiding in.

Ever since she entered Tianshu Mountain, she felt like she had a strange fate with all kinds of big holes and caves. After getting out from one, she was welcomed into a second one.

Before in that big cave, which was the bowels of the stone essence spirit, she was together with Jiu Zun. Although, he was small in size, he was surprisingly powerful. At that time she was nervous but never afraid.

Right now, however, she was only accompanied by a little qilin, who liked to snivel for nothing. It made her future appear quite uncertain.

There must be a reason for the ground to crack and form such a huge hole. Perhaps, there was a connection between this hole and the unknown creature that sucked all the flesh out of the magic beast.

“Little Apple, in here, you must listen to my every commands. If I don’t let you touch something, you absolutely cannot tamper with it!” Ning Xuemo strictly instructed the little qilin besides her.

“Yes.” The little qilin also knew that this time he jeopardized his master. Guilt was gnawing inside his heart, so he didn’t dare raise his head.

“If you don’t want to implicate your friends, you should become stronger! Work hard to became a true divine beast…” Ning Xuemo’s voice sounded indifferent. The little qilin’s expression was like an open book, thus his face clearly revealed the thoughts in his mind and what he felt in his heart. Ning Xuemo knew what was on his mind with only a bit of observation.

The little qilin raised its head, and its claws grasped the ground.

‘I want to become stronger!’ It etched this thought deep inside its heart. It wanted to become a divine beast that can protect its master when the time comes instead of its master protecting it...

It hastened its steps and quickly went in front of Ning Xuemo. “Master, I will scout in front of you. My nose is very sensitive.” Its sense of smell was the best. If there was something dangerous ahead, it would be able to perceive it beforehand.

“Good. I’ll let you handle the scouting.” Ning Xuemo was straightforward when she agreed to it. She took it upon herself to temper the little qilin’s character.

At this moment, the little qilin seemed to have matured a bit. However, the truth is that it still felt afraid inside its heart, but being fearful won’t help solve anything. So, it had to control its fear!

This tunnel was a meandering and zigzagging path, constantly changing without any clear pattern, making their journey quite difficult. At least so far, they didn’t encounter any other dangers.

During their journey, they didn’t get attacked. It was a peaceful walk until they reached a dead end.

At the end of the tunnel, there stood a tall jade door.

The jade was in fact white onyx with a complicated design carved onto it. The material itself faintly radiated a light.

‘Don’t tell me this place is the tomb of some great and eminent personage?’

Ning Xuemo pondered as she observed the big door. She constantly felt that this door resembled those mausoleum entrances.

She tried to recall the information she had on the 8th mountain. Since she arrived on the 8th Mountain not long ago, she didn’t have the time to observe nor understand the environment inside the 8th Mountain. Her intuition faintly told her that this place was like the den of a sleeping dragon and was absolutely not a good place to stay.

Moreover, the 8th Mountain was known as a danger zone; discovering a tomb in this place is a certainly not a simple matter!

To be able to reach the 8th Mountain, the sculptor who engraved the tomb must have reached a profound level of his psychokinesis skills...

After further reflection, the probability that this place was actually a tomb was not very high. ‘Then, what is that door here for?’

“Master, do we knock on this stone door?”

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