Chapter 243 - Did You Have Fun? (3)

Chapter 243 - Did You Have Fun? (3)

Ning Xuemo couldn't refrain from sighing when she looked at its face.

What that little qilin wanted most was parental love...

She taught him some principles, so she no longer spoke. Besides, her stomach was making a rumbling noise which was heard by the little qilin. It promptly asked, “Master, are you hungry? Why don’t we eat some demon beast meat? Let’s go capture one to eat. It could also help you vent out!”

It turned around to go find the magic beast that fell earlier. As it passed by a boulder, it suddenly exclaimed, “Hah? Wha-what is going on?!”

Hearing the exclamation of alarm from her pet, Ning Xuemo’s figure flashed. As she arrived next to the corpse of the ferocious beast earlier, what she discovered startled her.

In only a short period of time, the majestic and formidable magic beast’s flesh had completely vanished without a trace. What remained was only skin and bones!

“Little Apple, are you certain that you only absorbed its soul and not its flesh?”

“Impossible! I only consumed the beast soul! Its flesh and skin should have been intact!” The little qilin began to circle around the skeleton, wanting to find the cause of this strange phenomena.

However, Ning Xuemo’s expression slightly changed. Although she didn’t understand what happened, her keen intuition alarmed her of great danger!

“No need to care about it! Let’s go quickly!” She pulled the little qilin’s horn, gesturing it to quickly leave this place.

The little qilin was somewhat unwilling. It still wanted to figure out the cause. “That thing is trying to take advantage of me?!”

“Quickly go!” Ning Xuemo’s voice became severe. She first jumped on a boulder and was about to continue forward. Suddenly, a loud rumbling sound could be heard from below, as if an earthquake was about to begin. Countless large stones started to shake and roll!

In the blink of an eye, the ground crumbled, revealing an enormous pitch-black hole. The little qilin was standing right above the hole. It was completely unprepared and screeched as it fell!

“Little Apple!” The boulder where Ning Xuemo stood on already fell into the hole. Fortunately, her reaction was quick enough and she timely jumped away from the boulder.

Everything occurred in an instant, leaving Ning Xuemo without any time to help the little qilin. She looked helplessly as it fell into the dark hole.

The earthquake didn’t stop as stones and boulders continued to roll into that black hole...

“Master… Master…” From inside the black hole, the faint cry of the little qilin could be heard. It sounded just like a frightened child, helpless and miserable. “Don’t leave me…”

Something exploded inside Ning Xuemo’s mind as the memory of Number Two’s face flashed.

There was no way she would let the same tragedy repeat itself. She won’t let another comrade died in front of her, even if the other party is only a little qilin!

On the spur-of-the-moment, she jumped into the giant hole!

The hole was completely different from what she expected. Its depth measured roughly 20-30 meters. Her landing was smooth with the support of the heavenly wild silk coiled around her. When her feet touched the ground, the danger of the falling rocks were far from over. The noise from the rocks could frighten anyone.

With that kind of situation, it was naturally impossible for anyone to try to jump out of the hole. Ning Xuemo was forced to go to the side to evade the rocks, while shouting for the little qilin’s name.

“Master!” The little qilin rushed to her. Its head smashed a boulder falling toward her.

It grabbed her by its mouth and dragged her into a corner.

“Are you hurt?” Ning Xuemo examined the little qilin.

Ever since her inner force grew, her eyesight improved a lot. Despite the darkness inside the hole, she was still able to make out the clear outline of the little qilin.

“Master, I thought you abandoned me…” The little qilin sobbed. “I thought I would be stuck inside the darkness for many years again…” It was clearly frightened. Its body slightly trembled as it stuck close to Ning Xuemo.

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