Chapter 219 - He Would Get Back At Her

Chapter 219 - He Would Get Back At Her

Ning Xuemo “...”

Ning Xuemo pursed her lips into a smile. “That’s not for sure. Maybe he already reincarnated, and we are destined in this lifetime…”

Jiu Zun’s deep blue eyes darkened slightly before casting her another glance, as if he wanted to see through her. His eyes flashed with profound meaning. “I thought you liked those tall and muscular men?”

He hadn’t forgotten that she kissed that muscular man in her illusion and that it was even initiated by her!

Ning Xuemo sighed. “The number of men like my idol in this era is too small! I can’t keep staying single all my life, so I can only settle for second-best. In fact, although that prince is a bit feminine, he still looks very manly. If he reincarnated, he would definitely look the same…”

“Stop dreaming!” Jiu Zun impolitely cut her off. “Souls don’t have a shape. Every time one reincarnates, their looks are dependent on their parents. This is what it means by a father supplies the essence and the mother supplies the blood. Right now his soul has already been scattered, causing him to be unable to reincarnate. Even if he had some special circumstances which allowed him to reincarnate, his looks would change and wouldn’t be like what you’re seeing right now.”

Ning Xuemo’s eyes curved into the shape of a crescent moon before suddenly lifting her hand to rub Jiu Zun’s head. “Jiu Zun, I really didn’t think a kid like you would know so much. Being together with you really expanded my horizons.”

His hair was so smooth! It was even smoother than the hair of those shampoo commercial models! Stroking it was quite comfortable...

Jiu Zun obviously did not expect that she would do this, so he couldn’t dodge in time as she rubbed his head...

Black lines appeared on his forehead. This small body was really inconvenient. Not even a day had passed and he already had his tofu eaten by her so many times!

His feet moved, and he shifted three meters away from her; his voice came out icy cold. “Touch me again and I will cut off your hands!”

His words were definitely threatening. If they were spoken in normal times, they were enough to scare people into being as silent as cicadas in winter. However, currently his voice sounded very childish and tender, extremely immature.

Hearing them didn’t scare Ning Xuemo but made her laugh instead.

Even worse was that just as his threat was spoken, he tripped over something, making him stagger and nearly fall down.

Of course he reacted extremely fast. His body took full advantage of the momentum of the fall to flip and somersault in mid-air. When he landed on the ground, he was standing stably.

Ning Xuemo clapped her hands and laughed. “Great job Jiu Zun! That somersault was great!”

Jiu Zun “...”

He suddenly raised his hand and a white light shot straight to Ning Xuemo. To dodge it, her body had no other alternative but to flip back with a cartwheel, then make a somersault three times in midair before landing. When she landed, something tripped her and almost made her fall face first...

“Your somersault is not bad either. Unfortunately, your center of gravity is not stable. You need more practise, horse stance for an hour!” Jiu Zun sat down on the floor cross-legged.

As for Ning Xuemo’s legs, they had stopped listening to her and actually positioned into a horse-stance on their own. Furthermore, it was a very accurate one.

Ning Xuemo “...”

Her body was rigid, as if she suddenly turned into wood. The only things that could move were her eyes.

This guy was really petty. The thing that made him stumble wasn’t laid out by her. All she did was laugh at him a bit, and he took revenge!

Because Jiu Zun was sitting behind her somewhere nearby, coupled with the fact that she couldn’t move her head, she wasn’t able to see what he was doing.

However, she wasn’t worried. Right now, it was just the two of them in this place. In this foreign environment they had to work together, so she wasn’t afraid that he would abandon her and leave on his own.

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