Chapter 207 - Test Subject (2)

Chapter 207 - Test Subject (2)

‘Crazy Bastard!’

With a fire burning in her chest, she made use of both her arms to resurface. Scanning her surroundings, no matter where she turned, the world was blanketed in darkness, preventing her from seeing anything.

At first, Ning Xuemo thought she had fallen into some monster’s stomach and that the water she floated in was the its digestive juices. However, the smell turned out to be different from what she expected.

No matter what the creature was, the digestive juices in its stomach had to be sour, causing the air to smell awful. Yet the air here was especially nice to smell. She could faintly catch a hint of a scent that reminded her of medicine or flowers: refreshing and fragrant.

There was not even a ray of light in this place. The surroundings were pitch black.

‘What is this place?’

Ning Xuemo attempted to swim in one direction. The sound of water flowing could be heard; it came from her own movements. Apart from that nothing else could be heard, as if she was the only one left in the world.

Ning Xuemo swam for a while before her movements suddenly paused!

Jiu Zun who always clung tightly to her back like gangrene would to bone had actually gone missing! Her back felt empty and lighter than before.

She was silent for a moment before attempting to call him. “Jiu Zun?”

No reply came. She could only hear the sound of her slightly heavy breathing.

She didn’t give up and continued calling out a few more times, yet she never received an answer. She couldn’t hear any sounds that might indicate his presence either.

Was he concealing himself? Or did he leave on his own?

The little guy always gave such a steady and confident feeling that Ning Xuemo naturally didn’t feel like he had met with any accidents.

Since even she could perfectly survive in this place, with the little kid’s abilities he naturally wouldn’t have any problems either.

Was tossing her here yet another of his insane tests?

‘It shouldn’t be, right?’

Then, she remembered that the second time she neared the cliff face, he had tried to stop her. It was only that everything happened so fast that she didn’t have the time to react.

Ning Xuemo continued swimming blindly. The surroundings were so dark that it gave her the impression that she was swimming inside a black hole, unable to see its end or anyone else...

The darkness gave one a sense of desolate loneliness. The solitude which sank into one’s bones would cause people to feel despair.

Her body was immersed in icy cold water, causing the exposed areas to be freezing to the point of being painful.

It was at this time that she finally appreciated the true usefulness of these clothes. The areas covered by the robe were surrounded by a faint warmth. Ning Xuemo didn’t doubt in the slightest that if she was not wearing this robe, she would have long been frozen into a block of ice!

No wonder people always said that the 9th mountain was filled with dangers at every corner. There were many things that would have been unbelievable elsewhere!

There wouldn’t be any beasts in the water, right? Let’s hope, there weren’t any lying in wait somewhere in the depths of this darkness to ambush her...

As if to answer to her sudden thoughts, the sound of water splashing could be heard from somewhere in the darkness. The sound clearly rang out, as if a large water beast was about to emerge!

The hairs on Ning Xuemo’s body immediately stood on their ends!

She tensed up as she turned around. However, the darkness was really too deep and she could only remain blind as a bat.

Even though she couldn’t see, her entire body felt cold as a tyrannical aura suddenly burst out from the darkness, pressuring her and causing her to nearly be unable to breathe!

‘Splash, splash…” The sounds of water splashing got louder and louder. The feeling of great danger closing in on her caused her limbs to go cold!

The water in her surroundings started to surge like the waves in the sea.

From the sound of it and its position, it couldn’t be some kind of prehistoric water beast, right?! For example, a sea monster similar to a Tanystropheus?!

Her thought didn’t have time to finish when two green lanterns lit up in the darkness...

In this kind of absolute darkness, any kind of light appeared exceptionally piercing. Ning Xuemo subconsciously shut her eyes before hurriedly opening them, turning around to look toward those two lanterns.

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