Chapter 206 - Test Subject (1)

Chapter 206 - Test Subject (1)

Hmph!” A white light shot out from her back and attacked that thing. It let out a shriek as its body emitted white smoke, and then it vanished without a trace.

‘Did it explode or did it escape?’

The idea only passed through her mind. Right now, her body was in free fall, and she didn’t have the leisure to ponder upon these questions. She still had to fight for her life!

Jiu Zun who was on her back had a strange expression in his eyes. “You must not approach the stone wall...” He had yet to finish his sentence when Ning Xuemo already neared the cliff and thrust her blade into it.

Pop!” It sounded like a balloon had popped. Ning Xuemo had yet to react when suddenly a huge vortex appeared!

‘Shit! How much weirder could it get?! Why would a vortex appear on the surface of a stone wall?!’

The inside of the big vortex was pitch black. Being engulfed by it, Ning Xuemo’s body couldn’t stop spinning around, making her feel like she was inside a washing machine that spun at high speed. She felt dizzy and lightheaded from rotating so many times. Instinctively, she wanted to grab onto anything that could stabilize her body. However, everything around her was smooth. There was nothing for her to grab onto.

It couldn’t be that she was sucked inside a giant monster’s esophagus right?!

Ning Xuemo wanted to cry, but there were no tears. Just a moment ago, she felt like she touched something that felt like flesh...

If this was really the case, would there be any way for her to survive? If she dropped directly into its stomach, she would be digested in no time!

Regardless, the first thing she needs to do is to stab it, then think about it later! Maybe, by doing so it would feel pain and spit her out.

Ning Xuemo was a doer. She immediately put her plans into action. Despite being tossed and turned from all sides, her use of her blade was as agile as before.

“Don’t!” Her weapon still hadn’t stabbed into anything when her wrist was gripped by someone. Jiu Zun’s voice resounded next to her ear, “Go with the flow!”

Ning Xuemo finally noticed his presence. She was sent spinning at such a high speed that it was surprising he was still latched onto her back. His firm hold could be compared to that of an octopus!

His small hand gripped her wrist, and once again, she had no strength to resist him.

She didn’t even have the strength to curse at him; thus, she simply closed her eyes.

‘Fine! I’ll go with the flow and down into the monster’s stomach to become a big excrement!’

Splash! They both fell into a body of water...

Ning Xuemo struggled in the water. She had the impression that she was imprisoned inside a fish trap that was sometimes loose and sometimes tight.

She obviously fell into water, and her surroundings looked like an expanse filled with liquid. But when she extended her hand, the liquid didn't display the properties of water.

A ripping sound was heard as if some kind of protective membrane tore. Suddenly, water gushed out from all sides, drowning Ning Xuemo.

Ning Xuemo, “...”

Was her whole body protected by that membrane just a moment ago?

No need to ask! It must have been created by Jiu Zun.

That must explain why she didn't feel anything collide with her while being tumbled in the whirpool earlier.

‘What does he want to do in the end?’

Earlier, he forced her to jump off the cliff. However at the critical juncture between life and death, he taught her a technique.

She felt as if this was a well-known funny story about an old eagle and a younger one. When it came time for the young eagle to learn how to fly, it was similar to her standing on the edge of a cliff being kicked down by the older eagle! If you fall but don't die, then you can fly or so was the moral of the story...

At least, the old eagle waited for the young eagle to grow all its feathers before doing so.

In her case, she was completely unprepared! Furthermore, she was a psychokinesis waste, but he still forced her to jump down!

She didn't fall to her death not because her luck was big. Rather, it was because her mental character was strong enough; but more than that, her ability to react to a crisis surpassed expectations...

Ning Xuemo felt that from the start Jiu Zun’s actions were not to help her temper herself, but an insane way to test her limits as if she was a test subject.

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