Chapter 205 - Look at this! Darling, It Scared Me to Death!

Chapter 205 - Look at this! Darling, It Scared Me to Death!

Immediately, Ning Xuemo responded to his instructions. When she began falling, she was far away from the cliff’s wall. However, at this moment, she had enough distance to put her foot on the mirror-like stone wall by inclining her body at a certain angle. Naturally, she did so and took two steps as per instructions.

This time, she did not wait for the boy on her back to explain. Instinctively, she pierced her short blade into the mountain wall. Her body dangled in midair.

The momentum of the fall still dragged her down more than 30 meters. Although she used her blade to slow down her descent, the force of inertia was quite strong. After she came to a halt, her wrists were on the verge of being dislocated from the strength of shake and her palms were once more cut and drenched in blood.

Looking up, there were faintly discernable clouds of mist.

Looking below, mist was rising, which concealed the bottom of the cliff. Ning Xuemo was hanging in midair like a flag that could be torn off and be blown away by the wind at any given time.

Her palms felt a scorching pain. Furthermore, they were incomparably slippery from the blood. Ning Xuemo tenaciously gripped on the handle of the blade. She pulled herself together until she was able to take deep breath.

‘Look at this! Darling, it scared me to death!’

A light flickered inside Jiu Zun’s eyes as his voice contained a trace of appreciation, “This child can be taught! Now pull out the blade and use the same method as before to go down.”

‘This child can learn how to beat you with a wooden club!’

Ning Xuemo’s tone turned cold, “Jiu Zun, if I wasn’t able to circulate my energy, wouldn’t I fall to my death?”

“If you fall to death, I’ll collect your corpse.” Jiu Zun seemed as if he was trying to comfort Ning Xuemo.


Ning Xuemo sneered inside her heart. If there was a chance, she would love to grab him and tear him apart!

She no longer spoke to him as she surveyed the stone wall, and then looked at the blade in her hand. Her mind started to calculate the safest way she could reach the ground.

That kind of unreliable way to go down was extremely frightening. Even if she was beaten to death she never wanted to try it a second time!

Since she could insert her blade in the stone wall, she could used it to slowly slide down to the ground...

That blade was a really good weapon. She repeatedly used it carelessly for so long, but the blade itself still held on. Now, this weapon was her life-saving treasure.

She carefully pulled out the blade a bit and wanted to use it as a leverage to slide down...

On her back, Jiu Zun clearly understood her intentions. His long eyelashes lowered while his fingers executed a seal...

Ning Xuemo’s blade was automatically pulled out of the cliff by some kind of wind. The wind rapidly roared next to her ears as she was once again free falling!

‘Jiu Zun, you arrogant jerk! I’m going to BEEP you!’

Ning Xuemo was raining curses inside her heart as she did not dare to say it out loud.

It was not because she was afraid of the little degenerate on her back. In fact, she was afraid to be unable to properly use her psychokinesis if she was to open her mouth. Curse out loud, feel refreshed, then splatter to death!

Ning Xuemo wildly insulted him inside her mind while her body circulated her psychokinesis the same way as Jiu Zun taught her earlier.

Since she did it before, she was much more proficient the second time. Her body slanted and leaned once more on the mirror-like stone wall.

‘Be careful!” Just as soon as Ning Xuemo inserted her blade into the stone. Suddenly a black light flashed and something shot towards her face!

The speed of that thing was extremely fast. Ning Xuemo did not have the time to clearly see what it was.

At this moment, she was still in midair and unable to force her body to change direction. That thing pounced on her in an instant. The only option she had was to use her short blade to defend herself

Unfortunately, that thing was too agile. It twisted its body in the air and dodged her slash. It turned in the air and then shot straight to Ning Xuemo’s throat to rip it out!

Ning Xuemo was out of tricks as there was no time left to do make a move. She helplessly looked at the dense row of sharp teeth about to bite. There was nothing she could do now.

Hmph!” A white light shot out from her back.

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