Chapter 203 - Beast His Sister!

Chapter 203 - Beast His Sister!

This little fellow was sharp! And he knew quite a bit too. It seems like he often travelled through the human world.

Ning Xuemo continued chewing on a piece of meat. “Do you know Emperor Le Xuan? How’s your relationship with him?”

“I know him but I have no relationship with him. Why? Was the reason you ran all the way here have something to do with him?”

No matter how often a ginseng spirit entered the human world, he couldn’t associate with the emperors. After all, his entire body of tender meat was the immortality elixir those emperors dreamed of day and night...

She heard that Emperor Le Xuan often showed himself in public during festivals so the commoners that recognised him weren’t few.

If the little ginseng spirit was watching from the cover of a crowd then he really could have seen the Emperor.

So when he said that he knew the Emperor but had no relationship with him, it shouldn’t be  considered false.

Ning Xuemo thought quickly before giving a clear analysis. She smiled. “Yep, a large part of it has something to do with him. He actually wanted to trap me by sending me a large pile of betrothal gifts.”

Jiu Zun looked her up and down. “Why? Didn’t you break off the engagement with the Sixth Prince? Le Xuan didn’t agree to it? Did he still want to force the Sixth Prince to marry you?”

“Oh! You really know quite a lot! You actually knew about this too?” Ning Xuemo glanced suspiciously at him. Didn’t this kid know a bit too much?

“I visited the capital of Chang Kong Country around ten days ago.” Jiu Zun explained simply. Looking at her mouth and hands which were covered in oil and grease, he tossed a handkerchief over. “First wipe up.”

The handkerchief was snow white. At a glance, one would notice the excellent craftsmanship.

Ning Xuemo secretly examined it. No matter if it was the workmanship or the material, they were both first-rate.

But it was different from the ones the Ancestor used; both the pattern and texture was different. It seems like they really weren’t the same person...

“It is true that the Sixth Prince is not good enough for you… Since you had made a bet that was enforced by the immortal boy who follows by the Ancestor’s side, this engagement should have been terminated. Did Emperor Le Xuan actually dare disagree?”

“You misunderstood. Those betrothal gifts weren’t for the marriage with the Sixth Prince. It was meant for when he takes me in as a consort. He even when as far as to confer me the title of ‘Beast Consort’...” Just thinking about this name, Ning Xuemo felt anger surging up again. ‘Beast his sister!’

Jiu Zun “...”

He once again gave her a glance. “So it was like this. Why are you escaping from the marriage? Isn’t marrying the Emperor and entering the harem the dream of many women?”

“Oh please! I’m only 13 years old this year whereas he’s already over 40. He’s old enough to be my dad. I’m not going to marry some old fellow with a foot in the grave!” Ning Xuemo patted her hands before standing up. “Alright, enough of the gossip. We should continue travelling.”

Jiu Zun slowly got up. So it seemed in her eyes, being over 40 was already someone with one foot in the grave?

Then about him...

“Let’s go, let’s go!” Ning Xuemo carried him on her back with practised movements before turning her body to head towards the north.

This road wasn’t viable; she had to find another way.

“Where are you going?”

“The north. That was where that damned bird brought me from.” Though she was quite alarmed at the danger she was in while riding on that bird’s head, she hadn’t forgotten to take note of the geography and direction.

Though the road down the mountain was still steep, at least there was plenty of trees, allowing her an easier time descending...

“The north mountain is too far. Continue in the original direction.” Jiu Zun obviously wasn’t willing to take a detour.

“Dear, there isn’t even a single stalk of grass on that cliff face, so how do you suggest I descend it? Are you going to grow a pair of wings and carry me to the bottom?” Ning Xuemo didn’t even turn her head around and continued walking forward.

Suddenly, she felt her feet being caught, as if her legs had been tied up, making her unable to take another step forward. Jiu Zun’s voice calmly sounded from behind her. “You can only go from here. You can think of a way.”

Ning Xuemo “...” Without question, her legs being bound was definitely this little thing’s doing!

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