Chapter 202 - Old Man Ancestor

Chapter 202 - Old Man Ancestor

Jiu Zun “...”

After Ning Xuemo had said this, her mind suddenly shook!

Could it be that the child in front of her originally wasn’t a ginseng spirit but the Ancestor’s nascent soul?!

He stayed in Chang Kong Country’s imperial palace while his nascent soul ran all the way here to cultivate?

That wasn’t right! The people here practised psychokinesis and not Daoism, so he shouldn’t possessed a nascent soul.

But if did have a nascent soul and it left his body, he had to find a completely safe and secluded area where no one would interrupt him.

He would chose some hidden room somewhere quiet and not in the imperial palace of Chang Kong Country.

Furthermore, he had a bunch of children and maidservants by his side and even allowed Ji Yunhuang to remain by his side...

From Ji Yunhuang’s words, she knew that every time the Ancestor entered the palace, he would get people to accompany him and even speak a few sentences to them. He definitely wasn’t just sitting there like an ice statue.

In this situation, it was obviously not a case of a nascent soul leaving the body.

Furthermore, although she couldn’t see what the Ancestor’s face looked like due to his mask, she could still see that both his hair and eyes were purely black in colour.

She had closely examined them back then and was certain that they weren’t faked. His hair and eyes were truly black in colour.

And the kid in front of her had deep blue eyes like the ocean with hair as white as snow and they seemed real too, so the two of them shouldn’t be the same person...

Maybe the kid had really seen the Ancestor before? Both of them had lived more than 1,000 years, so being acquainted wasn’t strange.

“Jiu Zun, have you seen the Ancestor’s true face? What does he look like?” Humans were such curious creature. When they see someone with a mask, it always aroused their curiosity and gave them the urge to take that mask off and peek under it.

“Are you this curious?” Jiu Zun gave her a faint smile. “You’re so young and already thinking of romance?”

“Who would! I don’t have that kind of fetish to be tempted by an old man.”

Jiu Zun “...”

Shouting “old man” in her every sentence really gave him the urge to obliterate her...

“What if he isn’t an old man but an extremely beautiful man instead?” He gave her a look before saying something more vicious. “He may be even more beautiful than you!”

More beautiful than her? Though this body of hers had yet to bloom, it was already clear from a glance that she was a beauty in the making. He was actually more beautiful than her?

Only one word came to mind when describing this kind of man...

Ning Xuemo spoke. “I am even more uninterested in transvestites!”

“Transvestite? What is that?” Jiu Zun was silent for a moment before asking. This term was new to him so he didn’t understand what it meant.

“Transvestite is a... vocation.” Ning Xuemo planned on giving him an encyclopedia explanation, but, on second thought, she realized that there were too many new terms and explaining them all would be a hassle, so she just sum everything to a single term. “They are effeminate. Fake woman…”

Now Jiu Zun understood. His expression showed faint signs of cracking. “Who told you he is effeminate?”

“You, ah~. Didn’t you say he was more enchanting than a beautiful woman?” Ning Xuemo spoke while continuing to bite on the roasted meat. “Don’t worry, I don’t have any interest in pretty boys so no matter how devastatingly beautiful he looks, it won’t be to my tastes.” She still preferred those tough guys with defined muscles who gave off a solid feeling like mountains. For example, in the modern era, her idol was the tough guy Sylvester Stallone and not those pretty looking boys.

Jiu Zun “...”

“Hope you remember your words today.” He lightly replied.

This topic really made one feel stifled so he simply changed it. “So? What are you, the Young Miss of a Marquis household, doing out here all alone and far away from home instead of obediently staying in the Capital?” After a bit more thought, he asked, “What are you running away from?”

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