Chapter 201 - This Little Guy is Actually Good at Cooking!

Chapter 201 - This Little Guy is Actually Good at Cooking!

Ning Xuemo was actually very picky when it came to her food. Looking at the finished products from her efforts, she naturally had no desire to eat them, but her stomach was already crying out from hunger. If she didn’t eat this, she definitely would not have enough energy later. Unable to change the situation, she could only force herself to bite on a piece of dried up meat...

Having to put up with this substandard cooking, she naturally thought of Number Two...

It was a shame that she would never be able to eat the delicious roast meat he made ever again.

She was a bit depressed, and the roast meat in her hands became harder to swallow.

While she was busying herself, Jiu Zun had already found a place to sit down. Clearly he had no intention of eating what she cooked.

Afterwards it seemed as though he had smelled the horrible smell coming off the meat; his eyebrows raised, and his eyes shot open. He just managed to see Ning Xuemo attempting to swallow a half-scorched piece of meat.

Jiu Zun took a look at the meat she had roasted with some disbelief.

As if he couldn’t really believe that such a clever girl like her had such godawful cooking skills...

He paused before yanking the piece of dried meat from her hands and tossing it aside, clearly unable to continue watching. “This type of food even dogs wouldn’t eat it if you fed it to them! Let me.”

'This ginseng spirit knew how to roast meat?'

Ning Xuemo didn’t really believe him but she moved aside anyways.

A moment later, the gaze Ning Xuemo shot to Jiu Zun faintly shone with light!

'This little guy is actually good at cooking!'

The meat he roasted was plump but not greasy and the scent was appetizing. It was even better than the meat her cooking teacher made!

He definitely surpassed Number Two in cooking skills. Ning Xuemo hadn’t even eaten yet. She only smelled the aroma and was already drooling...

Just watching him roast the meat was a pleasure, regardless of whether he was cutting the meat up or cooking it, his movements were smooth and flowing. With a flip of his hand, a fragrant smelling delicacy was created.

'Do ginseng spirits eat meat too?'

“Jiu Zun, do you roast meat often? The aroma is not bad! And here I thought you only rely on photosynthesis… to absorb the natural essences of the world to maintain your body. So it turned out you also eat food just like a normal person.” While Ning Xuemo gorged herself of food, she gave him a thumb up.

Jiu Zun was slightly stunned. He lowered his gaze to look at his own hands, as if he himself couldn’t believe that his actions were so practised...

He was silent for a moment before taking a handkerchief out from nowhere to wipe his hands while lightly speaking. “Eat.” Before returning to sit on that large stone.

Clearly he had no intention of eating.

He had cooked quite a bit of meat so Ning Xuemo could eat to her heart’s content.

The thought of kidnapping him back home grew ever stronger.

“Little Jiu Zun, don’t you find it boring all alone in these mountains?”

“It’s manageable.”

“You don’t even have a single friend here, where are you going to find someone to chat with? Why don’t you follow me back to the Marquis’ Manor, I have lots of people there, even a strange beast. If you’re bored you can always go and tease him.”

“Not going.”

“I can bring you out to play. Look at the state you got yourself in keeping yourself in these mountains. You’re clearly a little kid so you should be more energetic but you’re more like a small adult. Actually learning how to act high and aloof… You’re Jiu Zun not the Ancestor[1]. He’s an old man, but you aren’t so don’t go learning from him…”

Old man?’

Jiu Zun’s forehead pulsed once again before lightly glancing at her. “Don’t be so quick to come to conclusions. Sometimes you’ll find that you are way off the mark.” This time he really spoke too much.

“You’re meaning to tell me that my evaluation of the Ancestor is wrong? If he isn’t an old man then is he a little kid?” Ning Xuemo was very sharp as she casually spoke.

Jiu Zun “...”

[1] The Zun (尊) in Jiu Zun is the same as in Ancestor, Di Zun (帝尊)

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