Chapter 200 - Kick Down!

Chapter 200 - Kick Down!

The scenery on the other side of the mountain, which was the real appearance of the 9th mountain, was actually a series of steep cliffs! It could be said that the 9th mountain was filled with right-angles.

The cliff she stood on was definitely not shorter than 300 meters. Below her feet, mists coalesced, making her unable to see the bottom.

Even more infuriating was that the entire cliff was completely bare to the point that it shone like a mirror. Don’t even speak about convenient trees for footholds, even a single stalk of foliage couldn’t be seen!

She had seen plenty of famous mountains and rivers but this was the first time seeing such a completely bare cliff face.

Although her qinggong was much better than before, she still didn’t dare to jump off this mirror-like cliff!

“Are you kidding me?” Ning Xuemo’s tone was unpleasant. She tilted body to glare at the little pipsqueak while having an intense urge to kick him down.

“This is the shortest route off the mountain.” Jiu Zun refuted.

Yep, definitely the shortest way off. Just jump off and you would reach the bottom; it wouldn’t even take a minute! The only condition was to avoid getting smashed into a meat patty!’

Ning Xuemo secretly inhaled before glancing at him. Finding a spot to sit on a large rock, she extended her hand to him. “Give me another 100-year old ginseng.” She had to refuel her energy before travelling to the other mountains.

“Do you think 100-year old ginsengs are radishes? Who cares about if you eat your fill or not?” Jiu Zun sat down opposite her.

“You’re the king of ginsengs, isn’t obtaining ginseng as easy as raising your hand?”

“I don’t have any more ginsengs so you can’t eat anymore.” He replied bluntly.

It seems like this girl had already had cemented his “identity” in her mind. He was too lazy to correct her anyways.

Besides, they just met by chance and didn’t have that much affinity between them, so there wasn’t a need to tell her about his true identity. It would prevent her from getting scared too...

Furthermore, he didn’t want people to recognise him when he was in this childish form.

If this girl realised his identity, he might as well simply silenced her...

It was better for such an interesting young lady to live a long life.

Ning Xuemo’s medical skills were rather high so she naturally knew the strong nature of the ginseng as a tonic. If it was in normal times, eating a small half would already have her bleeding through her nose.

But now her body was different from before. Her inner force increased at an astonishing speed. What more, she could absorb the psychokinetic essence in crystal cores, making her feel that her current body’s capability couldn’t be evaluated using common sense.

As she thought, she still couldn’t eat strong tonic plants like sugarcane.

But she was very hungry right now!

She couldn’t help but glance at Jiu Zun again. “Then do you have anything else to eat?”

Ning Xuemo’s naturally adorable eyes turned watery due to hunger.

Normal people would find it hard to resist if she used this gaze on them and would obediently hand over food.

But Jiu Zun was obviously not a normal person. He completely ignored her expression as he spoke. “Cloud Tiger meat is edible.”

They did kill a Cloud Tiger just now, its corpse was still lying not far from them.

Ning Xuemo “...” It seems like this ginseng spirit didn’t have much on him either if he only had a single ginseng on him...


A campfire once again sprung up. The Cloud Tiger meat had been cut into pieces, skewered with sticks before being roasted over the fire.

Ning Xuemo’s other skills were all outstanding, except for one skill : roasting food in the wilderness. Her ability was truly so-so.

She had clearly put quite a bit of seasoning but after cooking it was still unpalatable. Her former subordinates once evaluate her cooking as horrible to the point of making one shiver!

Cloud Tiger meat was actually very tender and juicy, the smell was also better than beef. But after Ning Xuemo roasted a few pieces, if the piece of meat wasn’t undercooked, it was burnt into a piece of dried meat.

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