Chapter 199 - Taking Responsibility of Her?

Chapter 199 - Taking Responsibility of Her?

While the two were having this conversation, another lizard-shaped beast was exterminated.

The lizard’s attack speed was extremely quick and the fireballs it spit out were no joke; They could even melt stones in an instant!

If Ning Xuemo had to deal with it on her own, she would not even be able to take one of its attacks.

However, she had this little ginseng spirit to help her. They co-operated without a hitch. She was in charge of dodging the attacks that came their way, while he was in charge of sending out attacks. In only two or three moves, that lizard went to meet its maker.

Ning Xuemo had not held much hope for walking out of the 9th mountain before. But now, her confidence received a large boost.

With this little guy by her side, it was like she was using game cheats! Battles were much more straightforward!

She had to think of a way to keep him by her side...

“Little Jiu Zun, do you have any plans for the future?”

“Don’t called me little!” ‘Does this damn girl have to add this word?’

“Fine, Jiu Zun, you aren’t thinking of spending your whole life on this mountain right?”

“It’s unlikely.” Jiu Zun was extremely frank.

‘That’s good! It seems like this ginseng spirit wanted to explore the world.’

Oh right, he knew about affairs that happened in the world so it seemed like he frequently descended the mountain...

“Jiu Zun, you saw me naked!” Out of nowhere Ning Xuemo shot out this sentence.

“There’s nothing worth seeing.” Jiu Zun gave the answer he thought most appropriate.

Ning Xuemo resisted the urge to toss him off, but she continued to reason with him. “Even if you didn’t see those parts, you still saw me naked! You know that, in this world, if a girl’s body was seen naked by others, it would be counted as losing their purity…”

“Your point?” Jiu Zun’s dark blue eyes narrowed slightly, his voice containing a faint coldness.

“My point is you have to take responsibility.” Ning Xuemo replied in a righteous tone.

“Take responsibility? You mean marrying you?” No emotions were discernable in Jiu Zun’s voice.

“No need for that!” Ning Xuemo waved her finger. “It took you this long just to grow to this age, by the time you’re an adult I reckon I would have died and completely decomposed by then. I can’t wait that long!”

She went in such a large circle yet she didn’t want him to marry her?

‘She didn’t care about this?’

Something flashed in Jiu Zun’s eyes but he continued speaking normally. “What do you have in mind?”

“Stay by my side while I’m still in Tianshu Mountain. I can continue carrying you on my back.” Ning Xuemo stated her condition.

To her, carrying  luggage that had a weight of 15 kg to 20 kg was child’s play.

This little fellow was so light that it did not tire her out in the least to carry him. Even if she carried him, she would have a great protective umbrella, it was worth it!

Benzun[1] agrees to protect you for a day and only a day!” Jiu Zun spoke in an indisputable tone.

That was his bottom line. He had already made quite a few exceptions for her.

Tsk! Tsk! the little guy is really quite arrogant.’ She had only called him “Jiu Zun” a few times and he started using “benzun”...

‘Fine then, a day is still a day.’ It was enough for her to get all the way to the 6th mountain.

From there, she could rely on her own abilities to go through the few other peaks.

Both of them had already reached the peak of the mountain. The sun already reached its apex in the sky.

That one day of protection had just begun, she still had plenty of time.

“Fine, one day then. It’s one whole day, 24 whole hours. You can’t leave me until this time tomorrow.”

Jiu Zun’s brows furrowed slightly. “Only for the daytime.” He still had other things to do at night and wouldn’t be able to accompany her then.

“Hey, one daytime is only half a day!”

“One daytime.” Jiu Zun was too lazy to negotiate with her.

Forget it!’ Ning Xuemo also knew that although this fellow was small, he stubbornly abided by his words. Since he had already made up his mind, it would not be easy to get him to change his decision.

If she ran a bit faster, she would probably be able to make it in half a day...

In the time it took to have this conversation, they had finally reached the mountain peak.

The area on the peak was not extremely large. Bypassing a large stone, Ning Xuemo saw a different scene.

And then… her expression became like this ?!

[1] Zun (?) means honour/respect. Ben (?) in this context means ‘this’ and is usually attached in front of other characters to form a way for respected personages to call themselves. Like a prince or king would use benwang (??), the empress could use bengong (??). Hence, benzun means ‘this honoured person’.

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