Chapter 192 - Little Kid

Chapter 192 - Little Kid

She massaged her forehead as countless questions swarmed her mind, causing her, who had just woken up, to have her thoughts tangled up.

The weird dragon’s corpse, as well as its crystal core, proved that this place was the same place she was last night.

She remembered the child mentioning that this place had been sealed with an array, which meant that most of the things she saw last night should have been illusions created by the restrictive barrier and not reality.

Daybreak had come and it looked like the restrictive barrier had vanished, revealing the original landscape.

‘Last night’s lake should be this deep pond then…’

‘This was bad, last night, that child had sunk to the bottom of the lake, is he currently at the bottom of this deep pond?’

‘Why hadn’t he surfaced yet? Did he run away or did he drown to death in there?’

Ning Xuemo looked at the deep pond and wanted to strip off her clothes before diving into the water to check out the situation.

However, when she saw the clothes on her body, she became stunned.

She was wearing a set of snow-white robe which had a texture as smooth as satin or silk. It felt very comfortable as it fit closely to her body. Her original set of clothing was nowhere to be seen.

Her body was extremely clean, clean to the point that she looked like she just came out from the tool sterilizer machine. Even her fingernails were trimmed and the spaces beneath them were sparkling clean. Not a speck of dirt could be seen.

She touched her hair before running towards the pond to have a look at her reflection. She saw her dark hair was covering her forehead and had been bundled and parted into two flower bud buns on top of her head. The more you looked, the more you were drawn to her large eyes and small mouth, making her look like an adorable sprite...

Though Ning Xuemo liked dressing up cute, that was for the sake of pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger[1]. Now that she saw herself looking this adorable, even she was having a hard time adapting for a moment.

Most importantly, she still remembered that before she fainted, she was covered in blood yet, at the moment, it looked as if she had just taken a bath. She lifted her clothes to look at her limbs which were as white as cleaned lotus roots. Then, she discovered a more crucial problem, she… she was not wearing any underwear...

She was only wearing a set of very expensive looking clothes...

Ning Xuemo's face became like this ?<sup[2]. ‘Your mother! This is practically like wearing a perverted fetishist’s dream clothing!’

Even without asking, she knew it was definitely that little ginseng spirit’s work. This was because the white robe on her body was similar to the one he wore, although it wasn’t the same way worn on her, it still looked the same.

“Are you done looking at your reflection?” A voice suddenly came from behind her. Ning Xuemo quickly turned around and saw the little ginseng spirit walking out from under a waterfall.

“You used a technique to clean me?” Ning Xuemo opened with this sentence.

“You were too filthy, my psychokinesis wasn’t enough.” The child answered concisely.

The corner of Ning Xuemo’s lips twitched. So he pulled her into the water to wash?

The image of a little kid dragging her, who was larger than him, into the water and then using his little hands to rub all over her body to clean her...

She was thunderstruck by the image her imagination came up with. It was too wonderful, causing her to be unable to help thinking of it again.

She looked at the little fellow with ill intent. “You saw me naked!”

Without changing his expression, the little kid sized her up from top to bottom. “There’s nothing worth seeing.”

Ning Xuemo “...” Not only did a certain somebody see her naked, he even had the gall to despise her!

“Your sister, I just haven’t had time to fully develop yet! Just wait, in three or four years time, I’ll definitely be a beauty who will shock everyone to the point their eyeballs will drop out of their sockets. The number of my admirers will be enough to surround all the borders of Chang Kong Country. They will be completely unlike you…” Ning Xuemo shot a glance at him. “A little kid who’s more than 10,000 years old! Eh? why do I feel you’ve shrunk a size?”

[1] Pretend to be weak to lure your enemies in. Then you one-shot them.

[2] This is a Chinese character that serves as an emoji. Used to express embarrassment.

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