Chapter 190 - Troublesome Little Girl!

Chapter 190 - Troublesome Little Girl!

Her skin was more exquisite and whiter than before and her chest had finally grown to the size of a steamed dumpling...

If it had been a normal man who gazed upon this enchanting sight, maybe he would have been aroused and his inner wolf might have emerged. But this white-clothed man was obviously different from those men. For him, this small body was no different than a piece of pork belly. He floated next to her body and stirred up the water using his palm to clean her up.

Although he was definitely powerful, he had never waited on someone else which was clear from the clumsy and inexperienced way his hands washed Ning Xuemo. Eventually, he managed to wash all the blood off her but due to his carelessness, a lot of faint marks and bruises were left on her body...

In the middle of being cleaned, Ning Xuemo’s eyelashes trembled twice, as if she was about to wake up.

The man looked at the current situation between the two of them before simply whacking the back of her head again with his palm. As expected, Ning Xuemo fell deeper into unconsciousness. She wouldn’t wake up for a while.

He practically cleaned even the space beneath her fingernails before finally hauling her back on shore.

Those clothes that she was wearing were extremely torn and tattered. It was evident that he did not plan to have her wear them again as he took out a small bag from the inside of his sleeve. His fingers lifted out a set of snow-white clothes, and completely disregarding anything else, helped her put it on...

That white robe was rather strange; when he took it out, it was a set of male clothing, but after he helped Ning Xuemo put it on, it actually shrunk until it fit her body instantly.

Her long, damp hair sprawled messily on her shoulders, which seemed out of place when compared to the robe on her body.

The white-clothed man was obviously a perfectionist as he was rather unaccustomed to seeing this. As a result, he took the comb that appeared from who knows where to help her comb her hair.

Since he was inexperienced on waiting on others, his movements were inevitably quite awkward at times. A few times, he pulled out several strands of her hair by accident. Fortunately, Ning Xuemo was unconscious or else she would be yelping in pain.

Once her hair had been combed properly, it was smooth and flowing. After finally getting her hair properly combed, he continued combing a few more times as his fingers brushed against her hair. Unexpectedly, he had subconsciously tied her hair into a flower-style hair bun, and even helped her put on a pearl hairpin.

He finally realised what he did after he had just finished, causing him to stare blankly at her hair before looking at his hands. A strange expression flashed across his eyes.

He had never helped a girl with her hair. To tell the truth, he couldn’t even be bothered to take care of his own hair and would usually just randomly tie up his hair with a gem hairband.

He did not think that he unexpectedly managed to help her tie up her hair in such a good-looking hairstyle in such a short amount of time. Was this… a natural talent he had?

He examined her once again. The current Ning Xuemo was like a bun that had just left the oven, clean and without a speck of dust.

He was finally satisfied. He sat down on a large stone before lifting his arms to hold her in his embrace.

Her small and delicate body surprisingly fit perfectly in his arms, causing him to feel an unforeseen feeling of comfort. She was much more obedient when she was unconscious, allowing him to move around her limbs without much resistance. After a moment of effort, he managed to get her into a sitting lotus position before folding her arms into his hands. He closed his eyes as he started to help her nurse her damaged meridians. A faint white light emitted from his body and enveloped both of them, while circulating around them like streams of water...

It was evident that helping her heal her meridians was very exhausting; though not a long time had passed, the white-clothed man’s forehead was densely covered in beads of sweat, which rolled off his nose and dripped onto her face.

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