Chapter 189 - The Mysterious White-Clothed Man (2)

Chapter 189 - The Mysterious White-Clothed Man (2)

His fingertips emitted a faint white light which tapped like a whirlwind on Ning Xuemo’s body.

Everywhere that was tapped, the bulging blood vessels slowly constricted and returned to normal...

Once all the major acupoints in her body had been tapped once, her flushed face finally regained a hint of normalcy.

He lightly let out a breath before pulling both her hands over.

Because she had just dug out the dragon-thing’s crystal core, her hands were covered in blood and dirt from the ground, making them very filthy.

That white-clothed man once again furrowed his brows before he finally couldn’t take it anymore, casting a cleaning spell on her hands.

In these two days Ning Xuemo had been extremely busy fighting for her life, causing the formation of two large blisters on her palms. She had used her silver needle to let out the blood, but although they had been drained of blood, two scars had been left behind, causing her palm to feel unnaturally uneven.

The white-clothed man casted a glance at the marks the blisters left behind, as well as the bruise on her forehead. Although this girl was young, she had a fighting spirit and was very determined...

Just how did she grow up to cause her character to be like this?

Placing his hands against hers, he shut his eyes slightly.

A moment later, waves of faint green light flowed out of Ning Xuemo and into the man’s body through his palms...

The man’s white robe started fluttering as if a fierce gale was surrounding him. A moment later, the bezerk energy that was in Ning Xuemo’s meridians finally calmed down completely. Her flushed red face also regained its natural colour.

The white-clothed man let go of her hands. He helped her into a sitting position before letting go.

Normally when someone fainted, they wouldn’t be able to maintain this sitting posture.

However this man made her sit in that grotesque position to let the weight of her body be evenly distributed. After he released her, she was still able to maintained that position unperturbed as if she was in meditation and didn’t faint.

The white-clothed man picked up the crystal core that she dropped. One end had already lost its colour, it was apparent that was where the energy Ning Xuemo had been absorbing came from.

He examined the crystal from all angles before shaking his head slightly.

The little girl was still too inexperienced after all.

Even if she had a special physique, she shouldn’t have been so hasty.

Her body was limited in the amount of energy it could withstand, yet she had rashly tried to absorb the energy of a magical beast at the eighth grade of psychokinesis. It was just like a tiny stream wanting to forcefully accommodate all the water in the ocean; it would have been strange if she hadn’t experienced a backlash!

That she hadn’t completely wrecked the blood vessels in her body was already extremely fortunate!

Ning Xuemo’s body was still trembling slightly. It was the aftereffects of nearly causing her meridians to burst from an overflow of energy which required careful nursing by an expert’s psychokinesis to be able to heal completely.

Although she had fainted, pain was still written on her face. Her brows were furrowed together, indicating the discomfort she was experiencing.

If she wasn’t treated soon then her body would truly be crippled...

Even if she could live to get off the mountain, she would have to spend the rest of her life confined to her bed.

The white-clothed man stood at his position for a moment, before sighing inaudibly. He lifted his hands and a faint white light lifted Ning Xuemo into the air, before tossing her into the water...

He jerked off the tattered clothes on her body, exposing her delicate and snowy-white skin.

In her unconscious state, Ning Xuemo was unaware she had been stripped naked in water.

The sensitive parts, the non-sensitive parts, what shouldn’t be shown and what should be shown, everything was exposed to the white-clothed man’s gaze.

Because Ning Xuemo had been taking care of her body these days, her small body already showed signs of blooming.

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