Chapter 186 - This Little Bastard lacks too much sense of loyalty!

Chapter 186 - This Little Bastard lacks too much sense of loyalty!

“You-” Ning Xuemo was tempted to haul him off.

But she had not had the time to do so before the light golden protective barrier vanished, and the rain of arrows from the dragon-thing arrived once again.

Ning Xuemo reigned in her bellyful of questions and used her special qinggong to continue dodging. Her silhouette was like an arc of moonlight, ducking and weaving amidst the rain of arrows. Dodging by a hairbreadth, she brushed against the danger of being impaled by the dense wave of arrows numerous times.

“Hey, give me another protective barrier!” Ning Xuemo yelled while hurriedly dodging.

“I can only use it once every 15 minutes.” The child answered.

‘F*ck! There’s even a cooldown time!’

“Don’t you have any other moves” This little ginseng spirit lived on the 9th mountain for so long, he surely had a few tricks up his sleeve, right? Else he would have become a snack for the magical beasts here long ago!

“There is… But I need some time to prepare it…” Faint regret could be heard in his tone.

“If it’s so difficult, how did you survive for this long?! It’s a miracle you haven’t been eaten by the magical beasts here.” Ning Xuemo couldn’t resist cursing.

“The one thing this world does not lack is miracles. For example, you are a psychokinetic waste yet managed to make your way to the 9th mountain… Careful! If you get close to the water, there’s a move I can use!”

Because that weird dragon jumped out of the water, Ning Xuemo had some misgivings towards the lake, so she had always steered clear of it.

Besides, this weird dragon was blocking the way forward. Wanting her to get close to the lake was a hundred times more difficult than running far away from it!

“Hey, is that move of yours any good? It won’t disappear again after a while, right?”

“It’s an offensive technique. As for its effects, you’ll know when you see it.” He spoke very simply and didn’t give any promises.

Ning Xuemo “...”

Forget it!’ She could not continue dodging like this forever anyways.

‘Perhaps this little boy’s best move would be effective!’

‘Let’s stake it all!’

She started trying to get closer to the lake as she continued to dodge the rain of arrows...

Although this weird dragon looked exceedingly bulky, it was actually quite agile. The whole time it was hot on her heels and did not give her a moment to catch her breath.

Ning Xuemo continued being entangled with it for half an hour before she finally slipped past its large body and ran to the lake.

‘Heavens, please be on my side and don’t send another one of that thing to me. Otherwise, if I got surrounded, I would be finished!’

“Hurry up and make your move, make your move!” Ning Xuemo made a final effort to charge into the lake and could not help but shout.

Suddenly, the weight on her back got much lighter. The child who had been securely sprawled over her shoulders suddenly disappeared.

Ning Xuemo’s heart sank. This thing would not take this opportunity to escape in the water, right?!

Finally, she reached the lake only to discover that he...

‘This little bastard lacks too much sense of loyalty!’

The dragon’s attack was fierce and intensive. Ning Xuemo did not have the leisure to curse and complain, not even having the time to turn her head.

She saw the rain of arrows flying towards her, but was unable to retreat. If she did retreat, she would directly fall into the lake.

The weird dragon was an aquatic type of monster. If she entered the water, she was definitely not its opponent.

Ning Xuemo subconsciously wanted to dodge to the left. Suddenly, a blue light flashed in front of her and she was covered by a blue transparent dome. The wave of green arrows collided with the dome. The blue dome merely flickered and the green arrows dropped to the ground with not even half of the arrows reaching the dome.

Ning Xuemo’s heart palpitated. ‘Did the little ginseng spirit make his move?’

‘Isn’t it supposed to be an offensive move?’

Since she was safe, she finally had the time to turn her head to look. When she looked down, her eyes widened involuntarily.

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