Chapter 182 - On The Same Boat (2)

Chapter 182 - On The Same Boat (2)

“Of course I know! His whole body gives off a terrifying feeling of coldness, and he dresses completely in white. His hair is so long it nearly reaches his ankles, and he always wears this icy cold mask on his face. He’s also fairly tall…” Ning Xuemo described the Ancestor she once saw in the main hall.

The child glanced at her. “Didn’t think that you really did see him.”

“That’s a matter of fact. He did teach me these martial arts.”

“Uh, from what I know, the Ancestor doesn’t receive female disciples. You can really lie without blinking.”

“Everything has an exception, right?”

“He doesn’t have any plans to make an exception for this.” The child’s tone was very certain.

“It seems like you know him quite well. Well then, since you’re so familiar with him, you surely know what he looks like. Can you tell me what he looks like under that mask?” Feeling bored from just walking, Ning Xuemo went into gossip mode.

“Why should I tell you?” The child was uncooperative.

“In fact, you haven’t seen what he really looks like, have you? Hahaha! A little kid boasting. Although, it’s also not weird if you have not. I heard that no one has seen his true face. I reckon he doesn’t want anyone to see it. After all, he’s very famous. Everyone worships him like a deity, and he appears very imposing and awe-inspiring. If his face is wrinkled like a dry raisin, it would smash people’s image of him. I’m very understanding.”

The corner of the child’s lips twitched slightly. “Wrinkled like a dry raisin?! Slandering him like this behind his back, aren’t you afraid he’ll punish you for your fault when he gets wind of it? Even if he just casually made a move, it would be enough to annihilate your soul.”

“I’m just speaking the truth. If his face wasn’t hard to look at, why would he wear a mask? Since his hair is very beautiful, he must have grew it long because he was afraid others wouldn’t be able to see his waterfall of fine black hair, giving the impression that he is very young at first glance.”

The child “...”

This inference was too brilliant. He admitted defeat.

He didn’t think that he would once again be arguing with her over an unproductive topic. He glanced at her once more with a smile that wasn’t a real smile, then shut his eyes, becoming completely silent.

Ning Xuemo felt that his smile contained a much deeper meaning. However, she was unable to guess the meaning in such a short time.

Although the person in her arms had the appearance of a preschooler, his expression gave out a kind of enigmatic feeling. It made her mind feel cold and her scalp numb...

At first, she still doubted whether he was a ginseng spirit or not. At present, she was almost certain and had no doubt about it, since how could a real little kid be so mature?!

Right now, the full moon in the sky was already moving to the west. Ning Xuemo knew that in about four hours, the sky would brighten again!

At last, she climbed to the top of the small mountain. From there, she was able to gaze down but was then startled!

Below the mountain, there was a big lake. The lake’s size, shape and peripheric landscape was exactly like the one she just left!

Could it be she went toward the wrong direction?

Ning Xuemo ran to another side of the mountain, then looked below. Her head buzzed!

‘Even on this side, the view is exactly the same!’

In the end, this natural workcraft of Gods must be intentionally made based on the principle of a mirror. Did she actually came across a ghost misdirection phenomena?

“Hey, what’s going on with this?” Ning Xuemo wanted to shake the child in her arms.

The child’s eyes were closed and appeared to be already asleep. From the start, he had no interest paying attention to her.

“If you don’t open your eyes, Big Sister will use her knife to redraw your face.” Ning Xuemo threatened him by pressing the blade on his face.

The same as before, the child turned a deaf ear.

Ning Xuemo smiled coldly. “You’re really not afraid? Hehehe! Then, don’t blame me for being cruel. First, I’ll draw a tortoise on your left cheek. Then, I’ll slash a pen*s on your right cheek. I guarantee your beauty will take another turn. Your face will be beyond unique, and people will come and watch in awe…”

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