Chapter 180 - On The Same Boat (1)

Chapter 180 - On The Same Boat (1)

She had not had her fill yet, so she took out her blade to cut another strand to get more to drink.

“With your physique, you can only drink that much. Drinking anymore will only bring you harm.” The child suddenly spoke.

Ning Xuemo shot him a look, her gaze showing some hints of distrust. She had not had her fill and this liquid made one want to drink the more one drank...

“You can choose to not believe my words. Do not blame me for not warning you when you start puking blood from over-drinking.” The child calmly finished his words before once again shutting his eyes.

Such a sweet liquid can cause one to puke blood from drinking it? It was only liquid from a root and not some great tonic like ginseng, deer antler or lingzhi mushroom, so how would it cause someone to vomit blood just by drinking it?

Ning Xuemo’s gaze once again landed on the root and her heart suddenly jolted!

The other end of the root was linked to where the leaves were the thickest. Furthermore, the stems of the leaves all grew near the root...

She lifted her head to look at the moon. ‘Could it be that these palm shaped tree leaves absorbed the moonlight’s essence?’

Afterwards, the moon essence would be transferred to theses aerial roots. The root grew out of the the seam in the rocks. Furthermore, all the roots seemed to be growing in all the same way.

Ning Xuemo thought about the small stream she had seen outside the forest just before she entered. That stream was clearly flowing towards that large lake!

“I got it! The water from the lake came from the liquid in these roots!”

The child’s eyelashes moved slightly but he did not speak.

Ning Xuemo had some regret. “If I had known this earlier I would have drank more! All the trees from every mountain sending all that moonlight essence over, that lake is definitely a great tonic! No wonder you sat there to cultivate.” She once again thought of that layered green platform. Doubt once again crossed her heart. ‘Is there really a type of ginseng that grew in the water? That green platform didn’t seem too similar to a ginseng’s leaves though.’

She could not resist rubbing the small child’s tender face. “No wonder you’re so good-looking and your skin is so soft and smooth. It turns out you’ve been absorbing the sun and moon essences to nourish yourself.”

The child secretly raised his brow but did not bother opening his eyes.

His lips pursed slightly. Under the moonlight, they seemed like soft dew-covered petals that were crystal clear. Ning Xuemo could not resist inclining her head to place another kiss on his lips.

The child’s body stiffened slightly. Without waiting for him to do anything, Ning Xuemo had already lifted her head again. She laughed and said, “The taste is not bad. As expected from having grown by absorbing the nature essences.”

The child “...” The expression in his eyes were like an ice lake that started cracking.

“Do you always enjoy kissing random men?” His voice sounded like an icy wind. In such a short period of time, he had already been kissed by her twice!

“Little brat, this is where you’re wrong. First of all, you and I aren’t considered strangers. Second, and this is the most important point, you aren’t considered to be a man yet.” Ning Xuemo lifted her hand to pinch his cheek. “You’re just a little pipsqueak. You’re too young to even be considered a child. In my era, very young children are often kissed…”

“Your era? What era?” The child seemed to have caught on to the crucial point in her words.

Ning Xuemo did not seem to care that much as she blurted out. “Ah, the era from my former life. That era was very civilised and advanced…”

Ning Xuemo originally was not a person of many words, but to be trapped in the deep mountains for so long without coming across someone she could talk to, she was now more talkative than normal. Her conversation partner was a small child who should not have seen much of the world yet. It was unlikely he would expose her secret...

She briefly described her era’s civilisation: the sceneries, the system, the weapons, the cellphones, the internet, etc.

The more she spoke, the more she was gripped with nostalgia. When she was still in that era she had no such feeling, but once she left it, she felt incomparable longing.

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