Chapter 172 - The Eccentric Girl (1)

Chapter 172 - The Eccentric Girl (1)

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His fingers made a certain seal, then he pointed them at the leaf tiger and flung it towards the array.

A gale blew past as that leaf tiger turned into a multi-coloured fierce tiger. A tiger’s roar rang out, shocking the world.

Ning Xuemo was shocked by the tiger’s roar as her eyes flew open. She looked outside the formation before suddenly getting up.

That’s a really big tiger!

It’s height was double that of the Siberian tiger she had seen once before. The most shocking thing about it though was that its fur was completely green!

She had seen white tigers, snow tigers, and the normal orange and black patterned tigers  before, but this was the first time she had seen a tiger with an emerald coloured fur.

Of course a weird world would have weird creatures!

‘It should be one of the special beasts of the 9th mountain, right?’

Ning Xuemo kept her gaze locked on the tiger, whose body flashed every now and then outside the formation. She tightened her grip on the blade in her hand.

‘Could it be that this fellow wasn’t actually a tiger but a Qiong Qi[1]?’

It seems like the Qiong Qi in games were always ridiculously coloured. Qiong Qis were supposed to have wings, but this fellow had none...

Furthermore, its eyes were green-coloured and burned brightly. Under the moonlight they really seemed like a pair of lush green will-o’-the-wisp.

This tiger landed on the stone formation. It seemed to have smelled Ning Xuemo’s scent and immediately let out a large roar before aggressively pouncing towards Ning Xuemo!

Its body was very large yet nimble. It easily jumped on a 6 meter tall stone!

After getting onto the large stone, it crouched and tensed its body again before pouncing towards Ning Xuemo who was in the center of the formation.

‘Bang!’ A crashing sound rang out as it collided with a large stone that had appeared out of nowhere!

It seemed to have been caught off guard as it fell to the ground with a plop. It shook its head vigorously, its pair of tiger eyes looking forward in puzzlement. When it had pounced over, it hadn’t seen any stones, so how come it crashed into one just now?!

Once again it looked at its surroundings, but it had completely changed.

Just before it had hit the ground, it noticed a bunch of scattered stones; the tallest was 6 meters high.

The tiger had just leapt down when the surrounding stones grew taller without any warning. Each and every one was about 12 to 15 meters tall, as the stones fenced the tiger in from all sides. Its body was sandwiched right in the middle of the stones and no means of escape could be seen...

“Roar! Roar!” The tiger became enraged. Its body frequently leapt upwards, yet the result was it frequently crashed its head into stones...

Many places appeared to be empty space, yet when it leapt there, it would crash on a large stone that suddenly spring out of nowhere. It hit its head to the point of seeing stars, while its rage shot through the roof...

Of course, since it was strong without a doubt, the stones it crashed into didn’t have a good ending either. They were completely smashed to bits.

And thus, the child who was calmly sitting on top of the large tree got to watch such a sight.

The tiger he released went on a rampage as it continued smashing its head into the rocks that couldn’t stand a single hit. From what he could see, all it needed was to smash through two more stones and it would be able to get to Ning Xuemo to complete its task. However, this stupid tiger just had to circle around and dumbly go all out on using its head to smash stones, even managing to work up into a rage...


The child didn’t want to look at its stupidity anymore, so he simply refused to look as he once again thought of how to break through the stone array.

‘Without psychokinesis to support it, it was just normal stones being scattered around, so how could it have an illusionary effect?’

That stone array gave the first impression of being completely ordinary, but it contained a type of formless and traceless aura which caused people to feel inexplicably afraid..

His gaze swept across every single stone as the emotion in his eyes slowly turned from casual to focused.

This was the first time he encountered this type of formation, so he couldn’t resist taking a few more looks.

There were too few things in this world that were able to attract his gaze. That little girl had broken common sense quite a few times and had managed to garner a bit of his interest.

[1] A Qiong Qi is a tiger-like creature with wings though it sometimes takes on the form of a cow. Click here for more infos.

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