Chapter 168 - He is Her Ingredient (1)

Chapter 168 - He is Her Ingredient (1)

Ning Xuemo lowered her head and saw the sight of the two fingers intertwining. ‘How embarrassing! ?’

‘This… this looks somewhat like Yuelao’s red thread binding the fate of two people together…’

Ptui! What was she even thinking?!

He was only an ingredient that she had grabbed. She would eat him later, so what fate could there be?

Even if he was a human, this little bean sprout that was not even taller than a garlic shoot could not possibly be her destined one!

‘I’m overthinking!’

To make sure he did not escape, she reeled in the rest of the red thread fluttering in the wind and wound it around the little ginseng’s chest many times!

Although the ginseng child’s magic power was high, it still possessed the body of a child and did not have much physical strength.

Therefore, when he was restrained by Ning Xuemo earlier, he was unable to struggle out from her arms. The only thing he could do was stare at Ning Xuemo with his ocean blue eyes while slightly pursing his little mouth and wearing a calm expression.

A moment ago, his long hair was floating on the water, but a few strands wound up on Ning Xuemo’s wrist and shoulder, causing her to itch as they rustled. When Ning Xuemo wrapped the red thread around his body, she also took the opportunity to untangle herself from his hair.

This little child’s technique was outstanding. He was a ginseng, so his hair must be what was once his tassel. Perhaps he could used it to coil around someone.

With great difficulty, she was able to restrain him. She did not want some mishaps to happen like being suffocated by his long hair.

Besides, if it’s a 10,000 years old ginseng, its tassels would also be very nourishing. She will not throw any part of it away, not even a little.

Ning Xuemo carried him while advancing underwater for a moment. Soon afterwards, she started sinking. She used more force to kick the water in order to reach the surface. There was no way she would be able to process him underwater. To consume this little ginseng, she needed to go ashore to be able enjoy her meal.

‘Huh? How come this child is suddenly so heavy?!’

She felt like she was carrying a big stone instead of a small ginseng child!

The weight made her unable to swim to the surface. Instead of going up, she kept sinking.

She lowered her head and looked at the child in her arms. He was looking at her with a wooden face, but his captivating red little mouth was slightly raised.

Was he taunting her?

At first, Ning Xuemo just wanted to put her short blade on his neck and threaten him. However, both of her hands were currently occupied and that idea died before it could be applied.

Then, she was hit with inspiration. She brought her red lips near his ear. “Little friend, if you’re playing a trick again, I will just bite off your ear!”

It was really inconvenient to talk underwater, so she decided to stick close to his ear in order for him to hear her words, though her voice sounded somewhat strange.

As soon as she was done speaking, she used her mouth to suck on his ear lobe and, to make her point clear, her little teeth sank into his ear lobe...

The ginseng child’s body became stiff in an instant and his body weight became lighter. Now, it resumed to the weight of a normal child.

‘He can be obedient!’

Ning Xuemo was pleased and let go of his ear. She swam to the surface.

Finally, they reached the surface. Ning Xuemo breathed in a mouthful of air. Although only 15 minutes had passed, many things happened during that time which left her extremely tired.

The silvery moonlight shone down, illuminating the delicate child in her arms. Being so close, she could see that his facial features were extremely beautiful, perfectly refined like a crystal doll.

Ning Xuemo could not remove her sight from it...

“What are you thinking?” Eventually, the little child spoke. His voice was melodious, like a crystal bell ringing under the wind, with a trace of a cold feeling similar to giant glacier mountain.

“Why don’t you guess?” Ning Xuemo gave an enigmatic reply before she smiled widely at him, showing four little bright teeth.

His blue ocean eyes gleamed as he said, “I can’t guess.”

Hn… Then, you don’t need to guess. In a moment, you will know. If you behave, I won’t mistreat you.” Ning Xuemo appeased him with a smile while she swam to the shore.

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