Chapter 165 - So Fresh and Juicy, How Amazing! (2)

Chapter 165 - So Fresh and Juicy, How Amazing! (2)

Her moves couldn’t be considered slow. However, the growing speed of the foliage was faster. It could simply be compared to the speed of lightning. Every time, she managed to escape from the foliage, it encircled her again. Unexpectedly, the foliage unexplainably grew more than 60 centimeters, and suddenly rooted itself into the middle of the platform. Now, there was dense foliage above her head, low enough for her head to bump onto it.

That roof of green foliage was made of something soft, but it made her head ache painfully when she bumped into it.

She was forced to crouch under the foliage, while the platform itself pushed her towards the green roof of vegetation.

At this moment, her body was already imprisoned. She became sealed into a sphere of vegetation like a flower bud enclosed in layer upon layer of petals...

Naturally, she couldn’t resign herself to be trapped like that. Inside that sphere, she dashed to the left, rushed to the right...

Unfortunately, despite the foliage appearing to be fragile and easy to break, in reality, it was more flexible than cowhide, and no matter how many times she slashed and hacked it with her blade, it was of no use.

She could not breach that wall of foliage or escape from it.

Moreover, after that foliage trapped her inside, it started to shrink, wanting to squeeze her from all directions.

The space inside shrunk, and Ning Xuemo gradually had less freedom of movement, like a wrapped dumpling stuffing.

She did everything to break through that net of vegetation. She didn’t notice through the space of her prison that the ginseng boy stood on the water not too far away. As the waves rippled slowly, his silver hair undulated under the light breeze like silk. His eyes, a deep blue like ocean waves, were fixed on the “green flower bud” imprisoning Ning Xuemo. Deep inside his gaze, there a fleeting trace of astonishment.

‘How unexpected that someone was able to reach this place! How could it be possible?’

The red thread that Ning Xuemo threw earlier wrapped around his waist. Right now, it was tied around its jade-like white pinky...

His long eyelashes lowered in response to who knew what.

After a while, he opened his eyes. The astonishment in his eyes became stronger. The little girl that burst into this place was surprisingly a psychokinesis waste...

‘A waste can reach this place. This is simply heaven defying! She is truly a rare case even when compared to the World’s eight wonders.’

Normally, if he came across such a rare human, he would release her and perhaps keep her by his side to study her and even teach her some skills without a problem, letting this little wonder leveled up.

However, this place was a guarded secret, and no stranger was allowed to penetrate inside.

There was no exception to the rule. Therefore...

The boy’s thin lips pursed and his eyes glinted. His fingers slowly clenched into a fist...

Following his moves, the green flower bud shrunk faster!

Ning Xuemo also saw that her surroundings shrunk at a faster rate. At this kind of speed, it won’t even take a minute for her to be crushed into fertilizer by the walls of greenery!

‘Looks like this ginseng child is really not a good crop!’

She didn’t even pierce him, but he was crushing her...

Ning Xuemo couldn’t help but to reel the red silk thread on her finger. That silk thread was the famous Heavenly Wild Silk, a type of silk from wild silkworms. It was a present sent by Ji Yunhuang, which she always hid on her. The silk thread was supple and strong, the best quality of silk in the world. It was the best tool to be used to escape in desperate situations.

This time she used it to tie the ginseng child, and also dyed it with her own blood. She knew that ordinary thread would have been completely useless against that ginseng child..

She reeled that red thread until it became taut.

It was quite evident that it still seemed to be attached to something. That means that child still did not escape! Is he still in the water?’

If she could pull him here, perhaps she could escape from this damn green sphere!

Ning Xuemo inwardly regulated her breathing and focused her inner force to move onto that thin red silk thread. Suddenly, she pulled on it!

“Urgh…” She let out a low grunt.

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