Chapter 159 - Trapped In a Hopeless Situation (1)

Chapter 159 - Trapped In a Hopeless Situation (1)

Ning Xuemo did not dare to take that risk again. She had no other alternative but to readjust her course to her original one toward the direction of the life gate.Original and most updated translations are from volaretranslations.

And just as she turned back, the swift water currents around her immediately settled down as the waves disappeared, and the water once again returned to being as calm as the surface of a mirror.

She became speechless. Could it be that it was her imagination just now?

But she had clearly felt the whirlpools’ huge suction force; it didn’t seem fake.

She once again tried another direction. Every single attempt ended in her encountering some sort of danger.

For example, when she swam toward the south, she met a giant magic beast. Its appearance was similar to a certain legendary water monster. It suddenly emerged from the water, causing her to almost swim into its wide open mouth!

At first she tried telling herself it was just an illusion, and there was no need to pay attention to it. It was only when the water monster’s tail whipped her waist and almost caused it to fracture that she believed it was real!

Fortunately, she swam quickly so it was only a light brush or else she probably would have broken into two!

Seeing that things were not looking good, she could only retreat back. The water monster vanished without a trace as she withdrew.

And the other directions weren’t much better either.

One caused an erupting volcano to appear before her. Under the threat of being smashed by the shower of magma, if she didn’t dodge fast enough, she would have probably been burnt into a crisp...

When she swam to another direction, a layer of sparse mud like a quagmire appeared which wouldn’t allow even a goose feather to float on the surface.

Ning Xuemo believed that as long as she leapt in, she would never be able to emerge.

All eight directions had been tested. Besides the calm and ordinariness of the life gate she had gone to first, the other directions were all roads to death.

Ning Xuemo saw that the distance to the shore wasn’t far, yet she couldn’t reach it no matter how much she swam causing her heart to turn cold.

Could it be that she was fated to drown in this strange lake?!

‘Coo…’ Suddenly from overhead the cry of a bird rang out. Ning Xuemo lifted her head and saw a large bird as big as a person fly toward her!

It was clear that this bird wanted to catch her for its meal!

Ning Xuemo was going to dive under the water subconsciously in order to hide, but after thinking for a bit, her body paused. She waited till the large bird’s talons grabbed toward her before the ribbon in her hand flew out and whipped around the large bird’s talons.

While the large bird was shocked, Ning Xuemo borrowed the force of the pull to fly upwards and she hugged onto the large bird’s leg!

The large bird flapped its wings and flew up. It obviously had some intelligence as it used its other leg’s claws to scratch at her.

But at this critical juncture between life and death, Ning Xuemo’s body was abnormally elusive. Furthermore, its leg was very thick and became her shield, so when it scratched at her, it didn’t manage to touch her but instead scratched its own leg to the point that fresh blood dripped out...

The large bird continued scratching a few more times yet was met with no success.

It lowered its head to try and roast her by spitting out flames, yet she dodged quickly, causing it to not only miss but to also burn off the feathers on its own leg...

Now the bird didn’t have any more ideas, so it could only temporarily give up the notion of getting Ning Xuemo off. Flapping its wings, it flew towards its nest.

This was also Ning Xuemo’s goal. As long as it brought her away from this strange lake, she could still think of other ways to escape.

Yet she hadn’t thought that the large bird also seemed to have encountered the phenomenon of misdirection in mid-air. It was clearly flying forward, but the lake remained below its body, as if it couldn’t escape the lake.

After flying for a bit, the bird appeared to be panicking as it started to fly randomly in every direction like a brainless fly...

Ning Xuemo who held onto its leg saw that the surroundings didn’t change whatsoever, yet the large bird seemed to be repeatedly meeting a terrifying thing. Its body trembled as it fought fiercely...

On top of its wings, on its body, on its legs… Injuries of different shapes began appearing.

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