Chapter 158 - She Has to Continue Living!

Chapter 158 - She Has to Continue Living!

A weak electrical current flowed through the lakewater. In the midst of swimming, Ning Xuemo discovered that this electrical current also flowed into her body, meandering around. The feeling was somewhat similar to the hot springs at the Crown Prince’s residence; it was just that this was much stronger.

‘Is this lakewater like a concentrated essence of the world’s mysterious and wonderful Nature, thus causing the Heaven and Earth spiritual energy here to be boundless?’

Even she, who was a waste in psychokinesis, could strongly feel the energy. If it was a talented person, three days of cultivation here could easily equal three years of cultivation in the outside world!

‘How strange. This place was extremely valuable. Even if only those sect heads could come, they should have thought of a way to keep this place for their own and built some cave dwellings at the least right?’

At the very least they should make a trip here once every three days. The situation should not be like the current one, where the place was left alone for so long that even one sect head might not even come every eight years or ten years. This was a bit illogical.

Ning Xuemo also thought of staying here for a while. Perhaps if she was here for around ten days to half a month, she might be able to build a solid foundation...

However she had not eaten anything for more than half of the day and had been fighting for survival for so long. She was already hungry to the point that her stomach had shrunk. What’s more she urgently needed a place to rest for a bit after eating to recover her energy.

The bright moon looked like a plate, but her hunger caused her to see a large sesame seed coated cookie instead. She wished she could take a few bites of it.

She swam for a little while before suddenly realizing that something was amiss.

With the speed she swam, she should have gotten much closer to the shore; yet, looking at it now the distance between her and the shore was still quite a bit far, as if she had been swimming in circles around her original position.

This is strange.’ No matter where one looked at this area of water, it was clear and cloudless like a picture. She could even see the vegetation by the lakeside quite clearly.

When she was swimming, she could distinctly see the ripples caused by her movements, yet she couldn’t reach the shore!

It was as if she encountered a ghost misdirection phenomenon.

Ning Xuemo had travelled through many roads at night into the deep mountains where no one lived and had even hidden in a burial ground, instances where she had certainly encountered similar situations. However, in those cases, the surroundings were covered by a layer of fog obscuring everything, making one unable to tell forward from backward, unlike the current situation where everything could be seen clearly.

Just in case, she used a method which could break through that ghost misdirection phenomenon. She slit her finger and used her blood to draw a few simple runes, which could shatter the area of influence of this ghost misdirection phenomenon...

This method was taught to her by an exorcist. Although it was only a one trick pony, it worked a hundred times out of a hundred as a method to break through this phenomenon.

However, although she employed her most powerful method in her arsenal, it had no effect whatsoever on her surroundings as she continued to be stuck in the center of the lake...

‘This lake is odd!’

Could it be that she was swimming in the wrong direction?

She tried to swim toward another direction.

She chose the opposite direction, yet she had not thought that after only swimming for a meter, the originally calm as a mirror lakewater suddenly started to seethe. Large whirlpools formed in front and behind of her as waves rose up and attempted to drag her into the whirlpools...

Dammit, the lake was  deep; if she was dragged in she would be finished for sure!

She struggled in panic to leave the vicinity of the whirlpools.

She had great agility with moving in the water. Even in these swiftly moving currents, she relied solely on her body’s strength to struggle free from the sucking force of the whirlpools and managed to escape.

But this matter was rather strange. As long as she swam facing forward, she should have been able to discover the presence of any whirlpools long beforehand. Furthermore, those whirlpools were huge with a powerful suction force; there were quite a few times when she had been in danger of being swept up by them!

In addition, when she looked back once again, the area where the whirlpools once were had recovered to its former calmness. The whirlpools had vanished without a trace as if they had never existed.

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