Chapter 157 - Parted by Death

 Chapter 157 - Parted by Death

Number Two was undoubtedly one of the best. He forced himself to remember his own name yet he had never told it to anyone.

In the end, the first time he told someone about his real name was to the person he trusted most...

The falcon was already in the distance. The water surface continued to be disturbed by the blood drops, causing circle after circle of ripples.

Ning Xuemo floated on the lake and faced the direction the falcon had flown. Her fingers slowly clenched.

If only... If only she was just a little bit stronger, then her comrade might not have died...

She did not want to let this situation happen again so she must become stronger. She had to survive!

The 9th peak. It was rumoured to be the most dangerous place.Original and most updated translations are from volaretranslations.

It was not a place someone like her could remain in for long. For now, her goal was to leave this place safe and sound...

She quickly scanned the area. She was surrounded by mountains on all sides with the big lake located in the middle.

The terrain somewhat resembled that of the Heaven Lake[1]. ‘This lake couldn’t be situated on top of a volcano right?!’

Once again glancing at the surrounding mountain peaks, her eyebrows raised even higher.

In all eight cardinal directions, eight mountains, both tall and short, stood. Every mountain peak’s position seemed to correspond to the eight trigrams. The mountains were shaped differently too. One was shaped like a large dragon, another like a tiger and yet another like a phoenix. There was even one that looked like a turtle-snake...

Ning Xuemo’s heart jolted. ‘Isn’t that similar to the Azure Dragon in the East, White Tiger in the West, Vermillion Bird in the North and the Black Tortoise in the South?!’

These four mountains were exactly situated in the East, West, North and South respectively!

Furthermore, it was obvious that the other four mountains were shorter by quite a bit. Their shapes were not natural either and also resembled some animals. However, Ning Xuemo couldn’t make out what they were.

The colours of the mountains were also different. One was like a crystalline snow sculpture, another was fiery red like the morning sun, yet another was bluish-green like an emerald. There was even one which was as pitch black as the night. Each had its own style.

On each mountain a waterfall flowed from the top to the bottom. Furthermore, their colours corresponded to the mountain they originated from. All of them flowed directly into this large lake...

This type of place was surreal like a dream. Even in a dream, this many oddities would not be appearing.

Even more importantly, this formation of mountains easily accumulated the spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth. Adding on the other 16 mountains of Tianshu Mountain which appeared like they were worshipping this mountain, the spiritual energy there would also flow towards and accumulate in the 9th peak. It would not be strange if the magic beasts here were all high level.

This place was a natural holy land for cultivation!

If one was to cultivate here, they would surely achieve a hundred times the result with only half the effort than in the outside world. This speed was astonishing...

‘Is this a masterpiece created by nature? Or was it man made?’

If it was naturally formed, then that would be too weird!

If it was man made...

What kind of person had the level of strength required to alter the natural landscape to this extent?

Unless it was a deity...

Thinking of deities, the Ancestor’s figure flashed through Ning Xuemo’s mind.

‘Could it be him?’

She shook her head!

‘Not possible! If that person had this ability, he wouldn’t have remained on this continent and would have just ascended into the Heavens to become a deity already!’

Perhaps it really was naturally occurring and was a masterpiece of Heaven left in this world.

The most beautiful place was also the most dangerous place.

Ning Xuemo didn’t have any interest in enjoying the beautiful scenery. She had to first leave this lake and climb one of these mountains so that she could find the way to return to civilization.

The place where she surfaced was at the center of the large lake. She examined the mountains around her. Since these mountains were arranged like the eight trigrams, then she should try her luck at the life gate!

She selected a direction and swam towards the lake shore.

It was already nighttime. Fortunately, the day was the 15th of the month so the moon was as full as a silver platter and its light was being reflected on the surface of the lake, making it seem like an enormous pearl was occupying the lake. The moonlight was a light veil which rippled with every tiny movement of the lake water.

[1] Heaven Lake is a crater lake on the border between China and North Korea. It's a very beautiful place. Click here for image.Original and most updated translations are from volaretranslations.

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