Chapter 154 - Fly (4)

Chapter 154 - Fly (4)

Ning Xuemo’s heart jolted. This snake wanted to use them as a scapegoat?!

After this bird caught some food it would fly away, so if Ning Xuemo and Number Two were forced out and became the bird’s food, this snake would be safe...

‘A snake can be this cunning!’

‘Since it turned out like this…’

Ning Xuemo’s gaze met with Number Two’s; with tacit understanding, they launched an attack on both sides of the snake.

The snake was fierce and its poison was strong. Anyone who was bitten by it would pay dearly with his life. Fortunately, when Ning Xuemo decided to come here, she already had a deep understanding of this snake’s characteristics and weak points, so she came prepared with many things to restrain it.

If it was at any other time, Number Two would be able to deal with this snake on his own. However, he had just suffered from poisoning and the strength in his body was greatly reduced, causing him to be unable to bring out more than 20% of his original strength.

Ning Xuemo’s stature didn’t allow her to exert much strength. Only when the two of them joined hands did they manage to suppress this giant golden snake. The two exerted a lot of effort before finally managing to kill the snake while avoiding the falcon’s beak. After which they pushed the snake’s body towards the outside.

Finally, a large beak entered and dragged away the dead snake...

“It’s finally over!” Number Two hadn’t gotten over the shock as he heaved a long sigh.

His sentence had not had time to settle before the sounds of rock breaking came from the outside once again.

F*ck, it couldn’t be!’ Even with a sacrificial lamb they still weren’t being let off?!

In the blink of an eye, the cave entrance was widened to the point where the falcon’s entire head could easily fit in. Its large beak with lightning speed pecked towards them!

Both of them had already retreated until they reached the end of the cave. Ning Xuemo was closer to the entrance, so when the bird’s beak charged over, it was aimed at Ning Xuemo’s chest...

Ning Xuemo steeled herself, and was about to use her sword to receive the beak attack, but she never expected that her shoulder would suddenly tighten as she was spun out of the way.

Number Two used this move to swap places with her. He was now standing where Ning Xuemo originally stood, taking on the full brunt of the attack. He was caught by the beak and dragged outside...

“Miss Ning, take care of yourself!” This was the last thing Number Two shouted to her before he was pulled out of the cave.

He wanted to use his life to give Ning Xuemo a chance to live.

Ning Xuemo’s mind was filled with a roaring sound. Seeing Number Two pulled out of the cave, she ran forward and used her sword to slash accross the immense beak!

The sound of metal clashing rang out loudly as sparks appeared from the friction. Ning Xuemo’s short blade only left a white mark on the beak. The bird shivered from the pain and quickly withdrew its head from the cave!

Ning Xuemo could not withdraw her blade embedded into the bird in time. Thus, she was brought along with it.

And to make matters worse, at this moment, her clothing hooked onto a nearby feather, causing her entire body to hang from the bird’s head, swaying unsteadily.

She was going to cut off the belt that was hooked to the feather, but she had not expected that the falcon would immediately soar into the sky after withdrawing his head out of the cave. In the blink of an eye they were in the clouds.

Ning Xuemo “...”

She did not dare to cut off that piece of clothing at this moment. Instead, she used her other clothes to firmly anchor herself on the bird’s head. Both her hands tightly gripped the bird’s feathers. She was terrified of falling from this height, which would surely turned her into a meat patty.

“Miss Ning!” Number Two hadn’t died yet. He was being held by the its beak. He gazed at Ning Xuemo with eyes brimming with tears and emotions.

He had not thought that this little lady was so brave. She followed after him, sharing life and death with him. It was extremely touching!

Ning Xuemo “...” She did not do it on purpose!

“Don’t move for now!” She shouted in a low voice in order to stop Number Two from subconsciously struggling.

It seems like this bird did not plan on killing them for now, or else it would have swallowed Number Two earlier. Even if he struggled free of the bird’s beak, he would only fall and become a pancake. Instead, it would be better for them to wait patiently for an opportunity to escape.

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