Chapter 153 - Fly (3)

Chapter 153 - Fly (3)

‘This is bad!’

Ning Xuemo shrank back, trying to keep herself unnoticed and retreated further into the cave with Number Two.

“Careful!” Number Two firmly held her back as Ning Xuemo felt she stepped on something slippery...

She was startled and immediately retreated smoothly. She turned her head around to look. Her body stiffened at the sight below her.

Below their feet a large snake was coiled up. It was around 6 meters long and was as thick as a small bucket. It lay there half-coiled, its triangular head raised up and its cold green eyes glared at the pair.

The cave was quite dark and Ning Xuemo’s strength was still shallow, therefore her night vision was quite lacking. She hadn’t clearly seen the situation in the cave and just now she had stepped on its tail.

Ning Xuemo knew that this type of snake had an incredibly horrible temper and its attacks were powerful.

And because Ning Xuemo and Number Two had been running just now, their bodies were currently emitting a lot of heat. At this moment, the scent on their bodies was different from that of this snake’s. According to reason, this snake could have just attacked and injured them.

However, contrary to expectation, the snake just threatened them with its cool green gaze for a moment, before coiling back up and shutting its eyes. Calm was restored inside the cave.

Without warning, a large beak poked into the cave from outside. A tongue emerged from the beak and swept around inside the cave...

Ning Xuemo and Number Two held their breaths and tried their best to plaster themselves to the wall of the cave. Fortunately the cave was deep enough so the bird’s tongue couldn’t reach them.

Still, when she saw that bright red tongue sweeping so close to her face, Ning Xuemo couldn’t help having goosebumps.

‘This bird’s tongue can actually reach so far in! The birds in this world are all freaks!’

After a moment, the tongue withdrew.

Ning Xuemo didn’t have time to heave a sigh of relief, before the sounds of a beak slamming into rock came from the outside.

In the midst of the booming and rumbling, a large stone fell on the ground and the originally narrow cave entrance was being widened at a visible rate...

This is bad! It seems like this bird already found out that the cave contained snakes or other food!’

Ning Xuemo and Number Two already retreated to the deepest part of the cave, but at this rate, they would be dragged out before 15 minutes passed.

They couldn’t just wait here for their deaths.

After breaking the rocks for a while, the bird once again extended its tongue into the cave.

Ning Xuemo used her fastest speed to apply a strong poison on Number Two’s and her blades. The moment the tongue got deep enough, they ran towards it and slashed it...

"CHEE-CHEE!" Two shrilling cries echoed as the two swords cut into the tongue. Fresh blood sprayed out...

The bird issued a miserable shriek as it hurriedly withdrew its tongue.

If they hadn’t retreated fast enough, they would have been dragged out along with the tongue.

From the outside, the cries of the falcon as well as the sounds of frantic flapping could be heard. It was obvious the falcon was in immense pain.

After a while, the bird’s cries stopped, and the sounds of rocks being madly broken started up again. The bird was obviously infuriated! The speed at which the rocks were being broken had increased by quite a bit.

‘The poison is completely useless.’

‘That’s right. This bird eats poisonous creatures everyday. Its resistance towards poison must be very high. The plan to use poison was completely fruitless.’

Furthermore, the bird seemed to have learned its lesson from earlier. It didn’t use its tongue to probe anymore, instead it was just madly crashing into the cave entrance.

Hiss…” The sound was issued from behind them. When they turned around, they saw the golden snake had opened its eyes and was rushing towards the two of them making threatening noises and little by little encroaching on their space...

Ning Xuemo subconsciously retreated a step… a step towards the cave entrance where a large bird’s beak was waiting for them.

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