Chapter 152 - Fly (2)

Chapter 152 - Fly (2)

Ning Xuemo “...”

She subconsciously lifted her head and saw the sky filled with dark clouds...

‘Wrong! Those aren’t clouds; they’re flying birds! Falcons!’

‘But aren’t these falcons a bit too big?!’

Those falcons only numbered in the tens, yet they blotted out half the sky.

Under the moonlight, their silhouettes could faintly be seen.

Golden eyes, jet-black feathers and every one of them was around the size of a small house. Their two wings were spread out, making them appeared like a small airplane. They flew towards Ning Xuemo and Number Two.

When Number Two saw the falcons’ appearances, his expression underwent a large change and he said in whisper, “Golden-eyed Falcons! Level 8 magic birds from the 9th mountain! Heavens, they actually came to this place!”

'Level 8 magic birds?!'

Black lines appeared on Ning Xuemo’s forehead. They couldn’t afford to fight these birds!

“Hide!” Ning Xuemo pulled Number Two and ran!

Falcons were the natural predators of snakes and the reason they were here was naturally for the yellow gold snakes. However, if they saw two living humans here, they were bound to grab Ning Xuemo and Number Two for a snack...

Not far from Ning Xuemo and Number Two, there was a small mountain cave. They ran there first to hide before doing anything else.

Since the matter involved escaping with their lives, they were naturally swift. Just before the falcons arrived, they finally managed to get into the cave.

The cave wasn’t big but it was deep enough for the two of them to hide in. The falcons outside had large bodies so they shouldn’t be able to reach them with their beaks.

Outside the cave a fierce wind whistled intermixed with the loud and clear cries of the falcons. The ground beneath their feet trembled; it was obvious that the falcons had already landed on the peak.

Immediately, the sounds of rocks tumbling and snakes hissing filled the air. It was obvious that those golden snakes that didn’t hide themselves well enough were caught and eaten by the falcons.

Ning Xuemo hid near the cave entrance and peeked outside. This glimpse made her inhale a breath of cold air!

These falcons actually knew how to use a freezing spell!

When they blew air from their beaks, cold air rushed out and froze the snakes hidden in the rock’s seams, causing its body to stiff and unable to make sudden movements.

Afterwards, the sharp blade-like beak would jab into the cracks in the rock, shattering the rock into pieces. Subsequently, the beaks would grab the golden snakes and pull it out.

The golden snakes that were caught naturally were not willing to die just like that, but its body had stiffened, unable to use its body to whip and attack the falcon’s neck. Furthermore, these falcons weren’t afraid of the poison these snakes spit out, so the snakes had no choice but to try and bite...

Clearly, these falcons were experts at hunting snakes; the spot they grabbed the snake at was at its seven inches. Seeing the snake open its mouth to try and bite, the falcon shook its head, causing the snake to droop like a noodle and cease to move.

A falcon that had caught a snake flapped its wings and showed his intention of returning back to into the sky.

Because a large number of snakes hid in the caves and seams in the ground, the falcons didn’t have an easy time catching the snakes.

If they hid shallowly, the falcons could still get to them in a few jabs of their beaks.

Although it wasn’t enough to catch the snakes that hid deeper.

Thus, Ning Xuemo got to witness a somewhat wonderful scene.

The falcons unexpectedly knew how to break into caves!

Their beaks were sharper and harder than any iron weapon. With a thrust, they could break large stones!

They gradually widened the mouth of the cave to make it easier for them to poke their beaks in...

Ning Xuemo looked at the cave she was hiding in. Black lines appeared!

She hadn’t thought these falcons had the abilities of woodpeckers.

Woodpeckers use their beaks to break tree bark to get to the worms. And these falcons use their beaks to break stones to get to the snakes...

The cave they were hiding in obviously wasn’t safe!

But if they rushed out now they would only be living targets!

One falcon seemed to have discovered that their cave had living creatures, so it charged over like a meteor.

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