Chapter 151 - Fly (1)

Chapter 151 - Fly (1)

The snakes and scorpions around the Heavenly Ice Grass had a special characteristic. In every stalk of grass lived either a single snake or a single scorpion, and normally those in different stalks didn’t bother with each other.

If they picked only a single stalk, they only needed to kill one. But if they tried to pick another stalk, it would attract the wariness of the other stalks’ guardians. They would then team up to attack, which was extremely troublesome to deal with.

Fortunately, these snakes and scorpions only cared that their own stalk wasn’t encroached upon. If it wasn’t touched, these fellows were fine and wouldn’t attack, only using their sesame-sized eyes to stare at the invader...

The snake that attacked number Two should be hiding in one of the stalks around the one he tried to pick and should be located by the two stalks that were closest...

Ning Xuemo carefully searched for a while, before finally finding the whereabouts of those two who still had her silver needles jabbed into their bodies!

She couldn’t touch the stalks they were hiding in or else she would attract the attacks from the surrounding poisonous creatures. She simply shot out another two needles with anesthetic on them...

A moment later, she finally caught a hold of the two sedated snakes.

Although only one of the them injured Number Two, they looked extremely similar to each other. Therefore, Ning Xuemo couldn’t make out which one was the real culprit. She could only bring back both.

In this short while she had been gone, Number Two already frothed at the mouth, and his face appeared as green as grass.

He opened his eyes slightly and only just managed to force himself not to faint. Seeing Ning Xuemo return safely, he let out a sigh of relief before his eyes rolled up, and he fainted.

He was woken up by a strong bitterness!

It was like he had swallowed two catties of yellow lotus. The bitterness nearly caused his tongue to lose all feeling. He subconsciously wanted to puke it up, but a finger tapped his lip. “You dare to spit it out?! Swallow it!”

This little girl was smaller than others, but her aura sure wasn’t.

Number Two could only steel his heart as he forced himself to swallow the bitter gallbladder in his mouth.

A moment later, Ning Xuemo discovered that his face was still as green as before. She sighed. “Seems like it wasn’t that one…”

Saying thus, she took out the other gallbladder and put it next to his mouth. “This one should be the right one. Come on, swallow this one too.”

Number Two showed a painful expression as he was forced to swallow the second gallbladder...

After he swallowed it, his complexion slowly improved. This gallbladder was the right one. the dizziness he felt as well as the pain in his abdomen also slowly faded away. His life had been pulled back from death’s door by Ning Xuemo.

They had already gotten the herbs. This place was filled with poisonous creatures and wasn’t suitable for them to linger any further.

So when Number Two had slowly recovered, Ning Xuemo brought up the matter of descending the mountain.

Although Number Two’s poison had already been resolved, he had after all experienced its fierce effects for quite a while. His body was pretty much out of energy, and he could only afford to force himself to walk.

Ning Xuemo finished packing up, but upon seeing his pale white face she asked, “Can you actually walk? Let’s rest for a bit?”

Number Two shook his head. “No need. There’s no problem with descending the mountain.”

He couldn’t keep dragging her down. This place was too dangerous. The earlier they leave the better.

Ning Xuemo didn’t force him. Seeing his condition stabilize allowed her to relax as she once again thought of leaving this nest of poisonous creatures as fast as possible...

The two used the same method from before to thread through swarms of snakes and scorpions. It was a scary situation but with no real danger similar to when they first came through. They didn’t get attacked by any scorpions or snakes. When they were in the swarm of golden snakes, the sky suddenly darkened and a strong wind kicked up...

The once calm surrounding snakes were suddenly startled into scattering. They dispersed into the cracks in the stones, stone caves and patches of grass. In the blink of an eye, a thousand plus snakes had vanished without a trace.

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