Chapter 150 - Encountering Danger

Chapter 150 - Encountering Danger

As she reached the patch of grass, the short blade in her right hand flashed and cut down a red snake that flew out, while her left hand reached out and grabbed the stalk of Heavenly Ice Grass. Swiftly, her fingers plucked the shimmering-like-a-star leaf and threw it into her mouth. Afterwards, she lightly used her toes to push herself back, retreating nine meters away from the Heavenly Ice Grass..

Number Two had been keeping track of her movements. His figure moved with deft actions as he copied her movements and his timing was nearly in sync with hers. He first killed a scorpion before picking a stalk and then ate the leaves… His movements were skillful and fluid like water.

But after he picked a stalk, he suddenly thought of how Miss Ning was so good to him and wanted to pick another stalk to repay her...

So he didn’t retreat, but instead headed for another stalk...

“Watch out!” From the grass patch flew two red shadows and one grey shadow which shot towards him and wanted to bite him.

At the same time, two silver lights flashed from behind his back and intercepted two of the incoming shadows.

He hurriedly waved his right hand and used his sword to hack down the last shadow.

The shadows that had been intercepted by the silver lights paused slightly before opening their mouths and spitting out two clouds of light purple fog.

Number Two only managed to dodge one cloud but made contact with the other one. A strong stench filled his nostrils and his mind became muddled. Darkness filled his vision as he toppled towards the grass patch...

“Idiot!” Ning Xuemo couldn’t make it in time to catch him, and could only kick off the ground and make her way towards him.

She kicked him away just as he was about to reach the grass patch.

Number Two fell onto a piece of empty ground. Hard rocks were below his landing point, causing him to make a stuffy grunt when he fell as his body curled up slightly.

“Who allowed you to pick more?! To not take my words seriously?! Even if you want to die, this isn’t the way!” Ning Xuemo returned, venting her rage through cursing.

Number Two’s face turned green. The blood in his chest roiled, making him want to puke it out. He also knew that he had willfully charged into danger, so when he was scolded by her, he shrank back. “Sor-sorry…” His hand was still tightly gripping onto the stalk of Heavenly Ice Grass as he handed it over while trembling. “This grass isn’t easy to come by. You… eat another one…”

So the reason why he went to pick more was because of her...

Seeing his face turning greener, Ning Xuemo’s rage didn’t subside. “Stupid! Who told you to be so nosy?! If more could be picked wouldn’t I have picked it myself? You pig! Can’t you think before you act?!”

Number Two had been in contact with her for so long and had always only seen her smiling face. This was his first time seeing her in such rage. When she was angry she had a sharper aura than usual, causing him to shrink back. He just lay there like a terrified quail[1].

Seeing that Ning Xuemo had unexpectedly turned around and flew back to the underbrush, he received a shock. “You… Where are you going?”

“Shut up! Be good and wait there while this Big Sis get you the antidote!”

Number Two “...”

Number Two had already experienced the danger of the grass patch first-hand, so seeing her like this caused him to nearly break out in tears. “You don’t need to find it… My life isn’t worthy enough for you to help me like this…”

Ning Xuemo ignored him. Being teamed up with Number Two for so long, she had already subconsciously treated him as her own subordinate.

Though her subordinate had stupidly made a mistake, she could not just watch as he lost his life...

Number Two had been poisoned by the poison cloud from one of the snakes. If it wasn’t resolved, Number Two wouldn’t last past an hour. The only way to get rid of the poison was to give him the gallbladder of the snake that poisoned him...

That snake had already been injured by her silver needle. Now that it was back in the grass patch, she just had to find it...

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